Four Classic Rock Bands Who Had One Chart-Topping Song

Four Classic Rock Bands Who Had One Chart-Topping Song | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Aerosmith live at the Borgata Event Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey - Jim Powers / Youtube

Despite being massively famous, critically acclaimed, and having an army of fans ready to back a musician up, penning a hit that’ll guarantee to top the charts is still a challenge. For Mariah Carey, The Beatles, and Elvis Presley, the act of topping the charts is a no-brainer (albeit difficult); yet for some, they’d consider themselves extremely lucky if they had at least one song to prove their talents at the Billboard US Charts. Presented below are the four classic rock bands who only had one chart-topping song throughout their career.


The Mamas and the Papas long-overdue no. 1 hit, “Monday, Monday”

The Mamas & the Papas, with songs by John Phillips and vocals by Mama Cass, might use greater recognition from classic rock devotees. To this day, “California Dreamin’” remains one of their most well-known songs. But “Monday, Monday” was their only number one single.

Aerosmith reached no. 1 with “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” the theme song for the catastrophe film Armageddon, is a power ballad, which is out of character for the band Aerosmith.  The song peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1998, as documented in The Billboard Book of Number One Hits.

Fleetwood Mac swayed their way to the top with “Dreams”

Fleetwood Mac was a powerhouse group that had everything you’d ever need in a rock band (including juicy matters). They also quite mastered penning commercial hits during their career, but they only truly reached the top with the Rumours’ single, “Dreams” in 1977.

Pink Floyd earned the no. 1 position on Billboard with “Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)”

It’s the truth worth knowing that Pink Floyd has the ability to formulate top-tier albums of all time, but when it came to penning singles fit for market consumption, they’ve had some lapses regarding such. They did, however, find success with “Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)” a disco song released under the band’s The Wall album (1979).