Foo Fighters Surprise Fans with Michael Bublé After ‘Foiled’ Joke

Foo Fighters Surprise Fans with Michael Bublé After ‘Foiled’ Joke | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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San Francisco’s Outside Lands festival witnessed an unforgettable twist as the Foo Fighters’ ongoing comedic bit reached an unexpected crescendo. In a surprising move that left fans both amused and awe-struck, the rock legends invited none other than Michael Bublé himself to join them onstage for a performance.

Since embarking on their tour to support the album “But Here We Are,” Foo Fighters have been treating their audience to an intriguing mini-medley. This musical showcase serves as a nod to their new drummer, Josh Freese, whose eclectic career boasts collaborations with Nine Inch Nails, tours with Devo, and even session drumming for Michael Bublé’s 2009 hit, “Haven’t Met You Yet.”

Live Karaoke with a Surprise Twist

The crowd’s enthusiasm escalated when the Foo Fighters began inviting random fans from the audience to perform a live karaoke rendition of “Haven’t Met You Yet.” The Saturday show at Outside Lands was no exception as Dave Grohl, the band’s frontman, embarked on his mission to spot the perfect participant. A fan holding a sign reading “I ❤️ Bublé” caught the camera’s attention, and Grohl promptly invited the presumed superfan onto the stage. Little did the crowd know that this fan was, in fact, Michael Bublé himself.

“This m*ther**ck*r better know the song,” Grohl playfully quipped, as he initiated the performance with the unexpected guest. The collaboration was seamless as Bublé’s signature vocals intertwined with the band’s rock energy. The performance concluded with Grohl’s revelation, “Oh my god, It’s Michael Bublé,” echoing the shock and joy felt by everyone present.


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From Argentina with Love

“I’m just gonna tell you something, and I’ll make it clear because we don’t have a lot of time, for real,” Grohl addressed the audience with genuine admiration, “we’ve been doing that thing where people from the audience come up and say ‘I know that fucking song,’ and they walk up and they know the first verse, they don’t know it.” This time, however, the dynamics were different. Grohl continued, “So this bad-ass motherfucker — and I’m not even kidding — flew in today from Argentina to fucking sing that song to you guys. Because there’s no such thing as taking a joke too far.” The fervor and dedication behind Bublé’s journey from Argentina to San Francisco demonstrated the unique bond between artists and fans.

Unforgettable Turn of Event

The fusion of rock and pop icons on the Outside Lands stage presented a magical moment. Foo Fighters’ playful gag evolved into a memorable collaboration that showcased the camaraderie between artists and the unexpected turns live performances can take.

This was evident that what started as a ‘joke’ had transformed into a heartwarming and exhilarating chapter in both Foo Fighters’ and Michael Bublé’s careers.

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