Facts About The Eagles

Facts About The Eagles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Eagles live in 1977 - Giovanni Campidoglio Fotografo / Youtube

The Eagles became one of the biggest rock acts to ever rise from the industry, raking in impressive numbers especially with their Greatest Hits catalog. But more than commercial success, the band is known for its immaculate vocal harmonies, top musicianship, and iconic songs that have been part of our lives, in one way or another. Here are some facts about one of the most enigmatic rock acts of all time.

Getting Sued Over A Picture

Hotel California’s front sleeve was a picture of the Beverly Hills Hotel, taken by David Alexander. Because the photo was taken some 60 feet above Sunset Boulevard, it was unrecognizable. But soon as the hotel caught wind of the actual location of the picture, the management threatened to take legal action of the use of it.

An Odd Reward

Don Henley was the Eagles’ drummer for the most part of their career, but the origin story of how he came to be on the throne was a weird one. His mother bought him his first drumset after he destroyed their laundry tub with a cherry bomb, as this paved the way for his family to get their first washing machine.

Walsh’s Redemption

Joe Walsh admitted that he probably wouldn’t even be here today if it weren’t for the Eagles’ comeback reunion, as he had regressed back to his drug-addled ways, even adding alcohol on top of the death sentence.

When It Rains, It Pours

The band originally didn’t give the go signal for Greatest Hits to be released – yet, as they were still in the midst of readying Hotel California’s own release. The label’s decision to push through with its release became their bestselling record, though, where they were only expecting a quick cash fix with it.

Words Were Taken Back That Day

The bitter disbandment of the band had members like Frey refusing to communicate with the other members, leading to Henley’s comment that the band would only get together again by the time hell freezes over. As we all know, they got back, and even naming the comeback album after Henley’s fateful statement.