Facts About George Harrison

Facts About George Harrison | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The silent but charming lead guitarist of the Fab Four had more going for him than his coy reputation among fans. George Harrison was a profound man whose artistry took inspiration from his surroundings, especially his faith. The guitarist is known for being a mystic, even coaxing the whole band to try a new perspective with his beliefs. Here are some facts that you might’ve missed about George Harrison.

Yoko Ono Upset him by stealing his biscuits

During the Abbey Road recording sessions, George Harrison noticed Yoko Ono alight from her bed and slowly crawl through the studio floor towards his Leslie speaker, which had a box of McVitie’s biscuits. He watched her as she inched her way to it and took one biscuit from the package. George then exclaimed, “That bitch! She’s just taken one of my biscuits!”. Lennon immediately came to Yoko’s rescue, which ensued a shouting match between the bandmates.

He Was Attacked In his house by an intruder

An intruder broke into George’s house on December 1999 by scaling the fence of his Friar Park estate, and proceeding to break into a window by smashing it with a statue. Harrison awoke from the noise and found the intruder with a knife, who was yelling when he confronted him. Harrison tried to disarm the intruder but was stabbed repeatedly in the chest. George’s wife Olivia came to the rescue by striking the intruder with a lamp, which disarmed him. When the police came and apprehended the suspect, he said he attacked Harrison because he believed the Beatles were witches who rode on brooms and that George was the devil himself.

George’s First Encounter with a woman

George Harrison said that he first slept with someone during their earlier years in Hamburg, Germany. He also shared that Paul, John, and Pete Best were in the room when he did it, but couldn’t see anything since they were under the covers doing the deed. Afterward when George finished, his audience applauded him. He even said that he appreciated the fact that the boys kept quiet throughout the whole ordeal.

How George Saved Monty Python

George Harrison was such a big Monty Python fan that when EMI decided to scrap its next movie, Life Of Brian, George remortgaged his mansion to secure a $5 million loan to continue the film’s production. When asked why he did such a sudden decision to save it, it was because he wanted to see it, saying that not a lot of people would want to pay $5 million for a ticket.

His Doctor Took advantage of him

As George lay on his deathbed, weakened and exhausted by cancer and the treatments that came with it, his doctor, Gilber Letterman, brought his 12-year old son to Harrison’s room and coaxed him to sign his guitar. George responded with, “I do not know if I know how to spell my name anymore.” But the doctor pushed on and got the autograph. This angered Harrison’s family and sued the doctor for it, then disposing of the signed guitar altogether.