Elvis Costello Watched “Get Back” With Paul McCartney And Ringo Starr

Elvis Costello Watched “Get Back” With Paul McCartney And Ringo Starr | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / Youtube

Elvis Costello revealed his experience in attending The Beatles’ Get Back premiere with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in attendance. All the details were discussed during his appearance at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The 67-year-old-singer told Colbert that the documentary has to be edited out to fit the big screen in theatres. Get Back was known for its release inside the streaming site of Disney+, so it was a pretty huge step up to see your heroes in such a large setting.

“It was a sort of edited version for the screen,” Costello said. “So, Peter Jackson [director] spoke about the process of editing and restoring the film. I did notice he was holding a different Beatle guitar every time they cut to him. He would be holding a Hoffman bass like Paul played. Then we watched one of the days of the footage and most of the rooftop concert. So, it was pretty thrilling.”

Another thing that caught the attention of Costello was how wonderful is to see the children of the Beatles unite and celebrate this event. “You know, the one thing I noticed at the party were, of course, Paul’s daughter, Mary, and Dhani Harrison, George’s [Harrison] son, and Giles Martin, son of George Martin,” he continued. “I thought how very beautiful for them to see their parents as young people, including The Beatles.”

You can watch the 2nd part of the interview below.