Elton John Was Forced To End Concert Due To Hail And Rain

Elton John Was Forced To End Concert Due To Hail And Rain | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Elton John live in 2016 - Elton John EltoNico / Youtube

Elton John was recently forced to abruptly stop his Australian concert due to unexpected rain and hail downpour. The combination of rain and hail suddenly took place as he was 95 minutes into the show at Rochford Wines in Yarra Valley, which damaged instruments on the stage.

John was in the middle of performing his 1973 classic “Funeral For a Friend” when the weather turned sour, with a fan-shot video showing the song cut-off in the middle and the singer being escorted off-stage. Concert organizers later announced that John’s next show at the venue will still go on as planned.

The statement read:

“Unfortunately, due to tonight’s short but heavy downpour that occurred 95 minutes into Elton John’s set resulting in damage to musical instruments and monitors onstage, the show could not continue. We too are upset about the impact of the weather on tonight’s show. Please hang on to your tickets to await further information. As soon as we have any further details, we will let you know. At this stage, tomorrow’s show is proceeding as planned.”

Elton John took note of the rather humid weather as he started his set, though, playfully saying, “It’s fucking hot.”