Elton John Tells How He Let Stevie Wonder Drive His Snowmobile

Elton John Tells How He Let Stevie Wonder Drive His Snowmobile | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Elton John being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel - Jimmy Kimmel Live / Youtube

Elton John is royalty in the music industry, no debate there. His illustrious career spans almost six decades, and with that amount of experience and acclaim behind you, it’s not hard making friends with other big names too. (mypatraining.com) Here’s a funny story Elton has about one of his friends, Stevie Wonder, in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel asks Elton about his farewell tour, to which he clarified that it would indeed be his last, saying he’s tired of traveling already. They then proceed to talk about Elton’s book,¬†Me, which is a memoir and a collection of stories from his career. He says the reason why he wrote it is because of the numerous biographies around that were written by other people, that he wanted to put an authentic perspective on it, with¬†Me.

Kimmel brings up the story of Elton John letting Stevie Wonder drive his snowmobile, which was met with a generous amount of laughter from the audience and a humorous look from Elton himself. Watch the full interview below for the whole rundown of stories from Elton!