Eddie Van Halen’s Ex-Wife Opens Up About Feeling Eddie’s Presence

Eddie Van Halen’s Ex-Wife Opens Up About Feeling Eddie’s Presence | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Eddie Van Halen, a legendary guitarist, was known for his extraordinary music and influence in the world of rock. Beyond his public image, he held personal relationships that were as complex and rich as his musical compositions. Valerie Bertinelli, his ex-wife, shared insights into their journey from love to friendship, and ultimately, to a place of peace before Eddie’s untimely death in October 2020, at 65.

Enduring Love Amidst Life’s Changes

In Valerie’s latest cookbook, “Indulge,” she pens intimate essays where she opens up about their relationship. With honest reflection, she notes, “though we got divorced, Ed and I never stopped loving each other. Who knows, if not for cancer, we might have had a second wind,” but quickly acknowledges, “I’m pretty sure that is wistful thinking.” The distinction she makes here is poignant, differentiating between a mere wish and accepting the reality, an understanding that some fantasies, however comforting, are not meant to come to life.


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Their bond, as Valerie explained to USA Today, was transformed through their shared love for their son, Wolfgang Van Halen. Despite their romantic relationship ending in divorce in 2007, their affection for each other remained, repurposed by mutual adoration for Wolfgang. Valerie put it beautifully: “My son was losing his father, I was in a relationship that was terribly wrong for me, and I was holding on to some sort of lifeline because of the years I had with Ed.”

Reflecting on the entirety of their relationship, she shared on the “A Spoonful Of Paolo” talk show, “Ed and I had our relationship — ups and downs… It was a very full 40 years. And we have an amazing son that we both adored.” This admission captures the evolution of their love from romantic partners to dedicated parents, highlighting their ever-present connection through the highs and lows.

Presence, Resilience, and Farewell

One of the striking moments of continued connection between Valerie and Eddie came through an experience she shared about feeling Eddie’s presence after his passing. “Yeah, that flock of birds kind of freaked me out,” she recounted. This experience, along with vivid dreams, provided her with comfort and a sense of Eddie’s ongoing presence in her life, a sentiment that many who have lost loved ones can relate to.

Additionally, Valerie touched upon Eddie’s struggles with health, marking a poignant part of his later years. Eddie fought a long battle with cancer, undergoing numerous treatments and surgeries. Despite these challenges, he remained in the hearts of those who admired him, leaving behind a legacy of resilience against life’s hardships.

Valerie and Eddie’s journey, marked by love, turmoil, shared parenting, and eventually, peace, is an authentic narrative of how relationships can evolve over time. In Valerie’s words upon saying goodbye to Eddie, “I love you are the last words Ed says to Wolfie and me and they are the last words we say to him before he stops breathing.” This moment of farewell symbolizes the depth of their bond, enduring until the very end.