Duff McKagan Has A Surprising List Of His Top 3 Vocalists

Duff McKagan Has A Surprising List Of His Top 3 Vocalists | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Duff McKagan on an interview for Upfront Summit 2019 - Upfront Ventures / Youtube

In a recent interview with Spin, rock legend Duff McKagan delved into his experiences working with Iggy Pop and unveiled a surprising list of his top three influential vocalists. Known for his role in Guns N’ Roses and various collaborations, McKagan shared insights into his career.

Reflecting on recording and touring with Iggy Pop, McKagan expressed the significance of the collaboration.

“To do something like that with Iggy, who, for me, is one of my most influential people, along with Lemmy (Kilmister) and Prince…” he shared.

Describing the rehearsal process with Iggy, McKagan likened it to rehearsing with James Brown, emphasizing the goal to be the best band Iggy ever had.

Intriguingly, when discussing his top three influential singers, McKagan notably omitted Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose.

Duff McKagan, who has an extensive musical history, including collaborations with Jerry Cantrell, Mark Lanegan, and Ozzy Osbourne, opened up about working with one of his idols, Iggy Pop.

“He’s such a hard worker; he’s kind of like James Brown in how he runs a band. But he’s very appreciative of musicians, and he’s a lovely, lovely man.”


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Revealing the starstruck side even for renowned artists

McKagan shared an anecdote about Iggy Pop addressing Chad Smith as ‘drummer’ during a recording session, showcasing the humility of the legendary singer.

In October, McKagan released his latest solo album, ‘Lighthouse,’ offering a glimpse into his evolving approach to lyricism.

“Lyric writing for me has become like a deeper craft. I read such great authors, and I’m finally starting to be able to apply that to my lyric writing,” he explained.

The album, consisting of 11 tracks, represents a carefully crafted narrative, with McKagan revealing he had to choose from 60 songs to create the cohesive story.

Duff McKagan’s career, from sharing the stage with rock icons to crafting his solo narrative with ‘Lighthouse,’ continues to showcase his diverse talents and enduring passion for music.

You can listen to ‘Lighthouse’ below: