Don Felder Explains How Allman Brothers Are Greater Than Eagles

Don Felder Explains How Allman Brothers Are Greater Than Eagles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Don Felder, the former guitarist of the Eagles, recently sat down for an interview with Classic Rock to discuss an interesting perspective – the superiority of The Allman Brothers Band over his own band. Despite The Eagles engaging in battles with The Allman Brothers, Felder could not help but recognize and admire the undeniable talent of the latter.

Respectful Admiration — Don Felder Reflects on The Allman Brothers Band

He candidly expressed,

“We were always in battles of the bands together, and they won every single one. If I was going to lose a contest like that, I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather lose to.”

Felder’s deep respect for The Allman Brothers extended beyond just friendly competition. Growing up in the same area as the band members, Felder shared a close friendship with some of them. As a budding artist, he had the opportunity to collaborate with various musicians in his hometown of Gainesville. A pivotal moment in Felder’s life came when he received a guitar lesson from the legendary Duane Allman, known for his exceptional slide guitar technique that oozed soulfulness. Reflecting on the experience, Felder recalled asking Duane for insights on achieving that soulful sound on his own instrument, stating,

“They were the best band, Duane by far was the best guitar player, and Gregg was such a cool singer with a great voice. We later ended up at their mother’s house with Duane on the floor playing slide guitar. I said, ‘You gotta show me how to do that!’ If Duane hadn’t taught me how to do that, none of this probably would have happened.”


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The Influence of The Allman Brothers on Musical Growth

Felder’s admiration for The Allman Brothers and the impact they had on his musical journey is a testament to the camaraderie and mutual respect shared among musicians. The exchange of knowledge and inspiration between artists, as demonstrated through Felder’s encounter with Duane Allman, highlights the essence of artistic collaboration and growth within the music industry.

The influence of The Allman Brothers on Felder’s career not only shaped his musical style but also contributed to the cultural tapestry of rock and roll history. The juxtaposition of camaraderie and competition among bands serves as a reminder of the symbiotic relationship that exists within the music industry. As musicians navigate their respective journeys, the support and mentorship provided by seasoned artists like Duane Allman play a pivotal role in nurturing emerging talents like Felder.

Don Felder’s acknowledgement of The Allman Brothers’ superiority over The Eagles sheds light on the interconnectedness of musicians and the enduring impact of collaborative experiences. The lessons learned and shared through musical interactions serve as a source of inspiration and growth for artists, transcending rivalries to uphold the spirit of artistic unity and mutual appreciation. Through his humble reflections and gratitude towards The Allman Brothers, Felder exemplifies the timeless values of respect, camaraderie, and musical evolution in the ever-evolving landscape of rock and roll.