Dolly Parton’s 3 Favorite Songs Revealed

Dolly Parton’s 3 Favorite Songs Revealed | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Dolly Parton has been thrilling listeners for decades with her unforgettable music. She has a successful career in music, film, and business. In addition to her singing talents, Parton is also a talented instrumentalist.

Just like the others, Parton also has her favorite songs of all time; songs that remind her of her childhood and mold her talents for who she is today. You can read her top three below.


“Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow” (1927) – Carter Family

In a 2020 interview on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, Parton discussed some of her favorite songs and how her mother, Avie Lee Owens Parton, taught her traditional tunes when she was a child. “Mama used to sing all those songs brought over from the old world,” she expressed. “Mama was a good singer too, and she would just sing a cappella all the time. So many of those songs were sad, and as I say, some of them just ‘plum pitiful.’”

“Sometimes When We Touch” (1977) – Dan Hill

The Canadian singer and songwriter Dan Hill’s gentle rock ballad from the late ’70s is a surprise addition to Parton’s list of favorites. Parton tells: “I always loved the song ‘Sometimes When We Touch.’ It’s an older song, but I just always loved it.”

“He Stopped Loving Her Today” (1980) – George Jones

This George Jones classic is what Parton considers her favorite country song of all time. “To me, that song is so well written, but it touches every cell in your body, in your heart,” she explained. “It’s just like he stopped loving her today, they hung that wreath upon the door. He was never going to stop loving her in his lifetime. He had to die.”

She further added. “It is so beautiful and, of course, George Jones is my favorite country singer in the world—always was, always will be. Nobody can tell that story like he did. So to me, that is the country classic of all time.”