Dolly Parton Reveals Her Worst Work As A Songwriter

Dolly Parton Reveals Her Worst Work As A Songwriter | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Country music legend Dolly Parton has admitted to writing at least 3,000 songs in her career – and that’s a large number of music if we must say. Inside her released music, she’d been constant with delivering what’s considered best for her, even if it means breaking down barriers and being comfortable with what’s trending nowadays (She’s currently working on a rock album!). But even for her, there’s a time when she’s had a few mishaps in her career, including releasing a track that didn’t pass her standards.

Parton had an appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien back in 2003, where she spoke at length about her illustrious career during her visit to the talk show. And when questioned by Conan if there were any songs she wished she hadn’t recorded, Parton replied that there were several.

She said: “Oh, you know, you’ve always got, when you’re a songwriter you think they’re all good. It’s like how everybody thinks their kids are pretty even if they’re not. But yeah, there’s songs. I wrote this song once about a man, it’s about a man that owned a bunch of oil wells and I was trying to marry him.”

Parton then began to sing some of the lyrics of “I’ll Oilwells Love You” and another song titled “I Don’t Want to Throw Rice.”

While Parton may have grown tired of “I’ll Oilwells Love You,” her 1968 album Just Because I’m a Woman was well-received by critics. Dolly Parton composed this funny song about a gold digger who marries an oil billionaire before she wrote her smashing hit “I Will Always Love You” six years earlier. In an interview with Mojo, Parton said that she wrote the song merely to prepare herself into writing something far greater. “That was not the first version of ‘I Will Always Love You!’ I was just playing off the oil wells and Texan men, a spoof. Sometimes I write silly stuff just to get my wit going and mind working. That was a song I probably wrote while I was primed to write something good.”