Dolly Parton Has A Song To Be Released In 2045

Dolly Parton Has A Song To Be Released In 2045 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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At the age of 76, she continues to captivate audiences with her enduring talent and innovation. Despite her legendary status, Parton has recently revealed an extraordinary plan that adds a new layer to her remarkable career – a song set to be released in 2045.

Dolly Parton’s illustrious career spans almost five decades, marked by classics like “Jolene,” “Coat of Many Colors,” and the 2020 hit “When Life Is Good Again.” In September 2022, she released “Diamonds & Rhinestones: The Greatest Hits Collection,” a retrospective album showcasing 23 essential recordings from 1971-2020. Parton’s enduring success is a testament to her status as an industry veteran.

A Hidden Gem at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort

Parton’s creativity knows no bounds. In her book “Songteller: My Life In Lyrics,” she unveils an intriguing surprise – a song locked away at Dollywood’s DreamMore resort. This hidden gem is part of a unique marketing stunt that involves waiting for three decades before its unveiling.

“I wrote this song, and I can’t say what it is,” reveals Parton in her book, indicating that the song was carefully stored in a chestnut wood box at the DreamMore resort.


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A Musical Time Capsule

The locking away of the song was orchestrated by Parton’s uncle Bill, a nod to his love for music. The song, recorded on a CD, sits in a secret vault along with a CD player, ensuring it remains preserved for the next 30 years.

“My uncle Bill was one of Mama’s younger brothers. He loved music, and he loved playing,” reminisces Parton about her uncle’s musical passion.

Anticipation for 2045

While the details of the secret song remain shrouded in mystery, Parton expresses her uncertainty about witnessing its release in 2045. In her words,

“I don’t know if I want to live to be 100 or not … if I do, I’m going to be at that opening.”

Dolly Parton’s decision to unveil a song after three decades adds a touch of excitement to her already illustrious career. As fans eagerly await the mysterious melody, Parton’s ability to surprise and delight knows no bounds.