Discover And Hear The Isolated Vocal Work Of Dave Grohl For ‘Best Of You’

Discover And Hear The Isolated Vocal Work Of Dave Grohl For ‘Best Of You’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Dave Grohl in 2014 - The Howard Stern Show / Youtube

It’s a rarity in the music industry, especially with rock bands, to rise up from the ashes of their previous commitment and even surpass it. This was what happened to Dave Grohl, originally the drummer of Nirvana but established the Foo Fighters after the former’s disbandment due to Kurt Cobain’s death.

Grohl never really wanted to go solo and still longed for the camaraderie present in the band setup, hence becoming the motivation for forming the Foos. From being a one-man act, he was then joined by ex-Sunny Day Real Estate members Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith, along with Pat Smear. The band had been under several lineup changes as well, but it cannot be denied that they have become staples of the rock world over the years.

Among the Foo Fighters’ many well-loved hits is the song “Best Of You” from 2005’s In Your Honor. It was inspired by the appearances following the 2004 campaign of presidential candidate John Kerry and is described by the songwriter Grohl as being breaking out from the walls that contained him.

The song’s arrangement was such that it showcased Grohl’s voice more than anything else, being a perfect vessel to channel anger through his performance. While the decision took a toll on his voice, he still went with it because he believed in its meaning in every fiber of its being and that it manifested in his performance.

Listen to the stripped vocals of Dave Grohl on “Best of You”.