Did You Know Bob Dylan Had A Radio Show? – Listen Here

Did You Know Bob Dylan Had A Radio Show? – Listen Here | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bob Dylan in a 1965 press conference - Adam Gunn / Youtube

Pop culture icon and music legend Bob Dylan apparently did well to host radio shows as well. Since May of 2006 til April 2009, Dylan hosted theĀ Theme Time Radio Hour, a regular radio segment that tackled the music industry’s musical irregularities.

Bob Dylan’s iconic cadence and gravelly vocal tone led listeners to a unique journey for each episode, where chosen themes like money, relationships, and even weather would be presented, followed by musical breaks of various genres to supplement the atmosphere.

After Theme Time Radio Hour’s final episode aired in 2009, it has enjoyed several reruns on the then-emerging digital radio format, but was completely discontinued in 2013. However, with the help of his avid official fan club and his original publishers, an official Theme Time Radio Hour site was established, with all 104 episodes uploaded and ready for consumption, free of charge.

Click here to start your journey on the first episode, where Dylan comments on how weather has played a huge part in creative songwriting.