Detroit Fans Aren’t Happy With Journey’s Lyric Swap At NFL Game

Detroit Fans Aren’t Happy With Journey’s Lyric Swap At NFL Game | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Detroit Lions faced off against the San Francisco 49ers in a bid for a Super Bowl spot, and the iconic band Journey took the stage for a halftime performance. However, the joyous occasion turned bittersweet for Detroit fans as Journey decided to switch up the lyrics to one of their most beloved songs, leaving some supporters disgruntled.

Journey delivered a rendition of their classic “Don’t Stop Believin’,” a song that famously declares, “Born and raised in South Detroit.”

Surprisingly, for this performance, the band opted to alter the lyrics to “Born and raised in San Francisco.”

Understandably, the Detroit Lions expressed their disappointment over the lyric swap, taking to social media to voice their discontent despite acknowledging the quality of Journey’s performance.

One disgruntled fan on social media went so far as to place blame on Journey for the Lions’ loss on Sunday, stating:

“Journey played at halftime of Lions-49ers and changed the lyrics to Don’t Stop Believing — singing, ‘Just a city boy, born and raised in San Francisco.’”

This sentiment was echoed by another fan who commented on the performance:

“Aww 🥹 Arnel changed the Detroit lyrics to San Francisco. & he has a voice that sounds so good in a stadium. Long live Journey & long live Arnel Pined.”

Sports fans are known for their superstitions, and some Lions supporters speculated that Journey may have inadvertently jinxed the team’s chances of making it to the Super Bowl.

Despite moments of triumph for the Lions, a fumble in the fourth quarter resulted in a heartbreaking 34-31 loss to the 49ers, leaving Lions coach Dan Campbell lamenting:

“You feel like you got your heart ripped out.”

Not all fans, however, shared the same level of discontent. Some, potentially 49ers fans, took to social media to remind others of Journey’s origins. In response to a tweet calling the song a Detroit anthem, fans pointed out that the song is, in fact, about San Francisco, as that’s where the band was formed.

Journey’s hometown is San Francisco, and the alteration in lyrics seems to reflect the band’s roots. While the Lions may not have secured a Super Bowl spot, the debate sparked by Journey’s performance continues to highlight the emotional connection between sports, music, and fan superstitions.