Dee Snider Shares Reunion Offers To Twisted Sister Is Almost “Impossible” To Refuse

Dee Snider Shares Reunion Offers To Twisted Sister Is Almost “Impossible” To Refuse | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Twisted Sister, a popular rock band, has been offered a chance to reunite. Having been inactive for eight years since their retirement in 2016, these offers are becoming increasingly tempting and difficult to refuse.

Band frontman, Dee Snider, spoke candidly about this during an interview with “The Hook Rocks!” podcast. Pondering these offers, Snider stated, “The offers get bigger and bigger for the holdouts to come back… you’ve got to say, ‘Well, how can I say no to that?'”.

Twisted Sister’s Potential Return and Social Advocacy

The band hasn’t confirmed any comeback plan, but they’re not dismissing the thought either. “The conversation has gone from ‘never’ to ‘in the event that they make us an offer we can’t refuse, what’s the plan?'”, said Snider.

Despite the band’s separation, Snider affirms that they’ve remained good friends. One of the best outcomes of their previous reunion has been their mended friendships.

Last year, Snider hinted that 2024 might be the year Twisted Sister champions important causes. Commenting on the major issues today, he said, “With things like women’s right to choose, that’s a big-picture thing… It’ll be less about the politicians and more about the parties they represent”.

Snider also stressed the power of moderation, expressing his dismay at extremes on both sides. “The vast middle, need to speak up…”, he asserted.


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Political Caution and Post-Reunion Perspectives

Interestingly, talk surfaced of the band becoming active at political events during an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment in April 2023. They recognized a concern that their song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ could be misappropriated by extreme groups. Nevertheless, they expressed their desire to ensure that this song remains an anthem for all.

Twisted Sister’s reunion talk occurred shortly after the band members were inducted into the Metal Hall of Fame. However, band member Jay Jay French has stated that fans shouldn’t take this as an indication of a future reunion.

Twisted Sister remains busy behind the scenes, focusing on music licensing. They expressed their frustration with bands continually coming out of retirement. “No plans at all to do that.”, Snider clarified in a previous interview with Eonmusic.

Despite their current status, Snider emphasizes their friendship remains strong, “We’re friends. To me, that was the reason to reunite, was to fix the relationships [between the members of the band], and we did fix’ em.”

Their final active year, 2016 also marked their 40th-anniversary celebrated with a special trek titled “Forty And F*** It”. Yet, a full reunion isn’t on the cards.

While fans may remain hopeful for a Twisted Sister reunion, it is clear from Snider’s statements that the band is keeping all options open. Whether they rock the stage again will most likely depend on the significance of the cause and the size of the offer made.