Dee Snider Reveals His 5 Favorite Albums Of All Time

Dee Snider Reveals His 5 Favorite Albums Of All Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Dee Snider is widely considered to have a complex mind with an extremely respectable music career. You don’t get to be labeled as one of the titans of metal if you do not have talents for it; with his iconic voice, his surreal imagery to blend in music, and his open-mindedness — he fits well in that position. Among the many reasons to adore this legend, you can also include it in his top 5 albums, summed up in an interview with The Metal Circus TV. Because we have to admit, this man has pretty good taste in music.


 Never Mind the Bollocks (1977) – Sex Pistols

With Twisted Sister being known for their punk power, it came as no surprise for Snider to reveal that one of his favorites contains quite the similar elements that his band has: Sex Pistols’ Never Mind the Bollocks. “I have a punk influence in me and that influence shows in some songs, especially like We’re not going to take it and the Sex Pistols, if they weren’t called the punk band, they just would have been a weird metal band,” Snider said.

Live and Dangerous (1978) – Thin Lizzy

“One of the greatest live albums of all time,” Snider admitted. “That’s what I have to have with me, we’ve got the best of all of Lizzy’s records, incredible performances, incredible playing, and it’s just a treat, just so many flavors on that record too.”

Sladest (1973) – Slade

Calling himself a “huge Slade fan,” he labeled Sladest as one of his go-to albums, albeit being a greatest hits album. For him, there’s no Twisted Sister if there’s no Slade in the first place.

If You Want Blood, You Got It (1978) – AC/DC

There’s gritty and there’s the metal edge, which perfectly encapsulated AC/DC in a nutshell. Snider’s a sucker on the band’s early album If You Want Blood, You Got It, which had Bon Scott (the original AC/DC frontman) in it, before his death.

Queen II (1974)

The fact that Dee Snider picked a Queen album goes to show that he does have a wide-ranging taste for anything good in music. In the interview, he was supposed to go with Alice Cooper’s Killer but then began to remember the underrated Queen II. “Queen II absolutely got to come with me,” he said.