Dee Snider Honors Lemmy Kilmister

Dee Snider Honors Lemmy Kilmister | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Consequence / Youtube

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently took to Twitter to pay tribute to Lemmy Kilmister, sharing fond memories of their friendship and shedding light on Lemmy’s approach to his sober lifestyle. Snider’s admiration for the late musician was evident in his tweet, where he expressed his longing and love for Lemmy, calling him an incredible force in the world.

When a follower asked Snider if Lemmy ever mocked him for abstaining from alcohol, Snider recalled their first meeting and revealed the dynamics of their friendship when it came to drugs and alcohol. He recounted a moment when Lemmy offered him cocaine, and upon Snider’s refusal, Lemmy shrugged it off, saying, “More for me!” Snider described their relationship as one where Lemmy would drink and do drugs on behalf of both of them.

The conversation on Twitter also led to a discussion about Snider’s relationship with Frank Zappa and whether Zappa’s disinterest in drugs affected their bond. Snider confirmed that Zappa was also a teetotaler and shared a list of other notable names in their circle who chose to abstain from substances, including Gene Simmons, Angus Young, and Ted Nugent.

Overall, the tweets showcased the respect and camaraderie between Dee Snider and Lemmy Kilmister, highlighting Lemmy’s unapologetic embrace of his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle while acknowledging Snider’s personal choices regarding drugs and alcohol. The exchange also shed light on the broader network of teetotalers in the music industry, emphasizing that one can still thrive creatively without partaking in substance use.