David Ellefson Gives Compliment To Former Bandmate Dave Mustaine

David Ellefson Gives Compliment To Former Bandmate Dave Mustaine | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a recent interview on “The Garza Podcast,” former MEGADETH members David Ellefson and Jeff Young shared insights into their experiences with Dave Mustaine. The interview, hosted by SUICIDE SILENCE guitarist Chris Garza, delved into Mustaine’s influence and convictions.

Ellefson expressed admiration for Mustaine’s musicality and ability to sell his ideas.

He said,

“You know what I learned from him? Maybe there’s four other guys in the room, [and] their ideas were as good or better than Dave’s, but Dave had a way to convince you that his was the best.” Drawing a parallel with guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, Ellefson highlighted Mustaine’s unique sound that captivated audiences. He emphasized Mustaine’s persuasive skills, stating, “He had a conviction in how he would get you on board with his idea, and he was such a good salesman with it that you believed it.”

Ellefson also acknowledged Mustaine’s stage presence, comparing it to Ted Nugent’s commanding aura. Standing behind Mustaine on stage, Ellefson felt the rocker’s ability to control a crowd.

He recalled,

“If some guy heckled him, man, he would shut that f***ing place down. 60,000 people would just go, ‘Whoa.’ He just had that ability to do it. So, I mean, look, that’s why he’s a rock star.”


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Despite the positive reflections on Mustaine, it’s worth noting that Ellefson’s association with MEGADETH ended with his dismissal from the band days after explicit content involving him was shared on social media.

Mustaine announced Ellefson’s departure, citing an already strained relationship and the revealed details as making working together impossible.

In 2004, Ellefson filed a lawsuit against Mustaine, alleging financial discrepancies and a broken deal to transfer Megadeth Inc. when the band disbanded in 2002. The lawsuit was later dismissed, and Ellefson rejoined MEGADETH in 2010.

Looking ahead, Ellefson is set to kick off his “Bass Warrior Tour” in February 2024, featuring Italian guitarist Andy Martongelli, drummer Roberto Pirami, vocalist Titta Tani, and rhythm guitarist Walter Cianciusi.

Despite the complexities in their history, Ellefson’s recent comments showcase his recognition of Mustaine’s impact on music and stage presence.

Full interview below: