David Bowie’s So Hilarious Trying To Copy Mick Jagger

David Bowie’s So Hilarious Trying To Copy Mick Jagger | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via 60 Minutes Australia / YouTube

It’s a truth worth acknowledging that Mick Jagger and David Bowie have one of the strongest friendships in the music industry. The musicians were often seen hanging out at parties, went on to release a duet song, “Dancing In the Street,” and have praised each other’s work countless times. But of course, in a true sense of their friendship, jokes and uncanny impressions were also present.

David Bowie’s wry sense of humor would pop up unexpectedly. A great example of this is in 2002 when he promoted his then newly-released album Heathen by making an appearance on Michael Parkinson’s British chat program Parkinson, opposite American actor Tom Hanks.

On the show, Bowie recalls the first time he saw the Rolling Stones perform, opening for Little Richard at the Brixton Odeon in southwest London in 1963. The Stones didn’t have massive fame back then, and the “Starman” singer recalled seeing at least six people who rushed to see them at the concert.

“They weren’t very well known,” Bowie said. “There were about six kids rushed to the front. That was their fan base at the time. Everybody was there for Little Richard.”

He further said: “It was priceless, I’d never seen anything so rebellious in my life. Some guy yells out: ‘get your haircut!’” Then, imitating Jagger’s voice, he said: “What, and look like you?” The whole audience burst into laughter.

You can watch the video below.