Dave Mustaine Reveals The Most Successful Former Megadeth Member

Dave Mustaine Reveals The Most Successful Former Megadeth Member | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a recent interview, Dave Mustaine, the frontman of Megadeth, opened up about the band’s reunion with former guitarist Marty Friedman. Mustaine shared his thoughts on the success of former Megadeth members and specifically highlighted Friedman as the only one who has achieved significant accomplishments after leaving the band. The reunion with Friedman at the Nippon Budokan Arena in Tokyo, Japan evoked nostalgic feelings for Mustaine and showcased Friedman’s impressive career since their time together in Megadeth.

Reunion with Marty Friedman and Recognition of Success

During an interview with Bloodstock TV, Mustaine discussed the chemistry and nostalgia he experienced while playing with Marty Friedman after 23 years. Mustaine acknowledged that Friedman had made a name for himself as a solo artist since his departure from Megadeth, distinguishing him as the most successful former bandmate among the others.

“If you look at their sales and stuff, Marty’s the only one that’s ever done anything significant,” Mustaine stated, recognizing Friedman’s accomplishments.

He further expressed his admiration for Friedman’s talent and contributions during the reunion show, where Friedman offered suggestions to enhance the performance and rehearsed the songs meticulously.

The Mesmerizing Collaboration

Describing the experience of watching Friedman and Megadeth’s current guitarist, Kiko Loureiro, perform together, Mustaine spoke highly of their musical prowess. He referred to them as some of the greatest guitar players in hard rock and heavy metal, expressing his fascination with their collaboration. Mustaine admitted that he found it challenging to watch Friedman while fulfilling his own responsibilities on stage, but he felt privileged to witness the two guitar virtuosos playing together.

Friedman’s Post-Megadeth Career

Since his departure from Megadeth in 1999, Friedman has built a successful career in Japan, where he has appeared on numerous TV shows, collaborated with various artists, and released solo material. His relocation to Japan has allowed him to explore new creative avenues and contribute to the music scene in his own unique way.

Mustaine’s Assessment and Future of Megadeth

Dave Mustaine’s assessment of Friedman’s success in comparison to other former band members reflects his admiration for Friedman’s achievements. While Mustaine appreciates the contributions of all former Megadeth members, he recognizes that Friedman stands out in terms of sales and significant accomplishments.

As for the future of Megadeth, Mustaine expressed his dedication to the band, emphasizing that he would only consider ending it if he were unable to continue singing. Mustaine’s commitment to providing fans with an authentic Megadeth experience demonstrates his respect and appreciation for their support.