70s Siren Carole King Charms With Ultra-Sassy Breakup Anthem, “It’s Too Late”

70s Siren Carole King Charms With Ultra-Sassy Breakup Anthem, “It’s Too Late” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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It’s Too Late, Baby…

Written in 1971 and featured on Carole King’s critically acclaimed album Tapestry, ‘It’s Too Late’ has become the breakup anthem of an entire generation. With its easy pace and Carole’s voice gently gliding over that iconic piano riff, ‘It’s Too Late’ quickly became one of the biggest hits of the early 70s, and one of many songs that would catapult Carole King into legend. Her 1971 performance at the BBC is far and away one of her most iconic, showcasing her tremendous abilities both on the piano and as a singer; accompanied by a bass player and a lead guitarist, Carole’s rendition of ‘It’s Too Late’ is one that no doubt kept her audience captivated, afraid to clap for fear of missing one of her signature vocal runs that got deep down into your soul despite how seemingly simple they were.

Fun Fact: In 2000 Billboard pop music researcher Joel Whitburn named King the most successful female songwriter of 1955–99 because she wrote or co-wrote 118 pop hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

Despite being one of the most celebrated singer-songwriters of the 20th century, Carole suffered from extreme stage fright, though you’d never know it after watching this performance – as with everything she does, Carole King makes ‘It’s Too Late’ look as easy as breathing, and the smile on her face pretty much tells us how much fun she’s having just sitting behind her piano and sharing another one of her masterpieces with the world.