Christine McVie’s Favorite Song From Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham

Christine McVie’s Favorite Song From Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The enduring bond between the late Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks went beyond their collaborative work in Fleetwood Mac.

They shared a sisterly connection, and McVie’s admiration for Nicks predated their time as bandmates when Nicks was part of the duo Buckingham Nicks alongside former lover Lindsey Buckingham.

Although the duo’s self-titled debut failed to chart, its impact was still felt, especially by McVie who named the track “Races Are Run” from Buckingham Nicks as one of her favorite songs. 

“I was given a tape of their entire album, which I still cherish to this day,” the other half of the female power of Fleetwood Mac shared during the BBC Radio 2 segment Tracks Of My Years.

Before Fleetwood Mac, Nicks and Buckingham struggled in LA

Before their iconic journey with Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham and Nicks were unfamiliar faces who were struggling to make ends meet. The prospect of joining the renowned band was an enticing offer for the duo, especially after facing a setback with the commercial disappointment of their self-titled debut album.

Despite their belief that the album would be a gateway to success, they found themselves at a crossroads, requiring a resilient comeback.

Released under Polydor Records, Buckingham Nicks benefited from substantial financial support from the major label. This allowed the duo to access impressive studios and collaborate with exceptionally skilled session musicians.

However, despite the investment, the album faced neglect as the company’s marketing department failed to provide the necessary support, resulting in its virtual obscurity.

A chance encounter that led to a legendary collaboration

As one door closed, another swung open for Buckingham and Nicks. Mick Fleetwood, captivated by their album, extended an invitation to join his band.

A pivotal New Year’s Eve call in 1974 led to a meeting at the Mexican restaurant El Carmen, sparking a lasting friendship with Christine McVie.

Reflecting on their initial encounter, Nicks shared with Zane Lowe in 2020: “Christine, I adored from the minute I met her at dinner at a Mexican food restaurant in Los Angeles. I thought, ‘She’s going to be… She doesn’t know it. She’s five years older than me. She’s going to be my best friend. And she doesn’t know this yet, but she is.’ And she was.”

Recalling their remarkable journey together, Nicks added, “We really enjoyed all of those amazing adventures together… It’s usually, you just don’t get two girls and a guy, two girl writers and a guy. You just usually don’t get that. So we were really lucky.”

“Just beautiful harmonies and voices”

During Tracks Of My Years, Christine discussed her connection with Stevie, as she included “Races Are Run” amongst her favorites.

Nicks, the sole writer and lead vocalist of the track, played a significant role in McVie’s admiration.

Explaining her choice, McVie shared, “I was given a tape of their whole album. I still have it to this day and love it. I think the whole album is just so demonstrative of how their duets are together and their wonderful tightness and togetherness with each other musically.”

The “Songbird” singer concluded, “It’s just one of my favorite albums. Very, very laid back and not very overproduced. Just beautiful harmonies and voices.”