Bruce Springsteen Sued For An Album Cover

Bruce Springsteen Sued For An Album Cover | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Bruce Springsteen’s latest album, Only the Strong Survive, which debuted last year, garnered positive reviews from critics for its bold exploration into the realm of soul music, showcasing the profound influences that have shaped Springsteen’s musical journey.

Despite the critical acclaim the album has received, it has also become the focal point of an unforeseen legal dispute for the iconic musician.

This legal challenge is intricately linked to a Pontiac GTO prominently featured in the album’s artwork.

Beyond the realm of musical appreciation, the album has thrust Springsteen into the complexities of legal matters, adding an unexpected layer to his artistic endeavors. 

A “prop car” on the cover was underpaid

Louis M. Billotti has initiated legal proceedings, contending that his father, Louis A. Billotti, was the proprietor of a 1968 GTO that found itself featured in the album’s 2021 photo shoot.

According to the lawsuit, Louis A., initially oblivious to the ownership revelation until informed by the photographer, transported his historically registered vehicle to Colts Neck. It was there that Springsteen arrived for the photoshoot, capturing moments both inside and outside the vehicle.

The legal document highlights that assurances of a compensation agreement were made to Billotti, who left the premises expecting to receive a contract.

However, what followed was the receipt of a $450 check, accompanied by assurances of additional funds. The lawsuit asserts that Louis A. Billotti, who passed away two months after the photoshoot, never received the promised contract.

“Negligent misrepresentation and unfair enrichment”

The legal complaint puts forth claims of negligent misrepresentation and unfair enrichment, casting a spotlight on Bruce Springsteen, Sony Music Entertainment, and Springsteen’s management team, all named as defendants.

In response to the allegations, Springsteen’s legal representative argues that the purported misconduct stems from the actions of third parties, emphasizing that the artist bears no liability towards the plaintiff.

The lawsuit unfolds against a backdrop where the Billotti estate is represented by Attorney Kevin Kilcommons, who has opted to maintain confidentiality regarding the specifics of the case. This decision to withhold details adds an air of mystery to the legal proceedings, leaving the nature and intricacies of the allegations shrouded in secrecy.

As the legal battle unfolds, it remains to be seen how the court will navigate the complexities of the dispute and determine the responsibilities, if any, of the parties involved.

A great compilation of cover songs

Released on November 11, 2022, through Columbia Records, Only the Strong Survive is Bruce Springsteen’s twenty-first studio album. Distinguished by its unique approach, the album diverges into the realm of R&B and soul, marking Springsteen’s second venture into cover albums, the first being We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions in 2006.

The album was announced on September 29, 2022, coinciding with the release of the cover of Frank Wilson’s “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)”. Throughout October and November of the same year, the album’s momentum continued with the release of notable singles such as “Nightshift”, “Don’t Play That Song”, and “Turn Back the Hands of Time”.

A key element in the album’s nomenclature is its eponymous reference to the opening track, a rendition of Jerry Butler’s original “Only the Strong Survive”.

Only the Strong Survive has earned a nomination for the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards.