Bruce Dickinson Explains Why He Wanders Around Cemeteries

Bruce Dickinson Explains Why He Wanders Around Cemeteries | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a recent interview on the German YouTube channel EMP, renowned metal vocalist Bruce Dickinson shed light on his unique approach to creativity. The Iron Maiden frontman shared insights into his creative process and revealed surprising inspirations that fuel his artistic endeavors.

“I think if you’re creative, then you just have to be aware of when creativity may strike and be prepared to abandon all those ordinary things that everybody else thinks are important for that special moment,” Dickinson explained. “Which can be very frustrating for the rest of humanity when they want you to go to dinner, but you actually want to write the last page of something because you just happen to be in the mood”

Unconventional Sources of Creativity

Dickinson emphasized that creativity often strikes at unexpected times and in unconventional places.

“It happens to me when I’m driving around, which is very inconvenient, because you want to pull over and write something immediately, and often you can’t,” he shared. “Or sitting on trains, strangely enough. But then somebody starts making a noise and distracting you, and you just get very inconvenient”

Acknowledging his preference for solitude during the creative process, Dickinson disclosed a surprising sanctuary where he finds solace and inspiration.

“Sometimes I go off and just take a wander around the graveyard,” he confessed. “I find that cheers me up”


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Creative Quirks and Musical Excitement

This revelation offers a glimpse into Dickinson’s unconventional approach to finding creative inspiration. Despite the unconventional setting, Dickinson finds peace and clarity amidst the quiet surroundings of a cemetery.

Dickinson’s creative endeavors continue with the upcoming release of his first solo album in over a decade, titled “The Mandrake Project,” scheduled for release on March 1st. The album features the appropriately titled second single, “Rain on the Graves.”

With Dickinson’s candid revelations about his creative process and penchant for unconventional inspirations, fans eagerly anticipate the release of “The Mandrake Project” and the musical journey it promises to deliver.