Brian May Shares How The Press Got Jealous With Freddie Mercury

Brian May Shares How The Press Got Jealous With Freddie Mercury | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Brian May appears on The One Show, 2019 - QueenAbsolute / Youtube

In a recent interview on the Fret Not podcast with Rosie Bennet, Queen’s guitarist Brian May shared insights into the challenging period when the band faced negativity from the press and efforts to portray Freddie Mercury in a negative light.

Reflecting on the past

May revealed the intense scrutiny and animosity Queen experienced from the media:

“Yes, we had a very bad time with the press. It was horrendous, actually. They really hated us. There was jealousy, hatred… And it is still there in some form.”

May acknowledged that despite the success of their music the negativity persisted.

Even after reopening ‘We Will Rock You’ in the Coliseum, Queen faced criticism and trolling, particularly targeting Freddie Mercury:

“We still had people being horrible, sort of jealous, coping about… Let’s put in the fact that we are successful, and maybe they don’t get it, but yeah, we were being trolled. Especially Freddie. People just wanted to ridicule him. Not just criticizing him but making him look stupid for one reason or another. It was hard to be not resentful of that stuff.”

When asked about handling negativity within the band, May disclosed that despite Freddie Mercury’s confident and dismissive demeanor in the face of criticism, he still felt its impact. However, May praised Mercury’s resilience, highlighting that the negativity never deterred him from pursuing his artistic endeavors.


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May also addressed his personal struggle with imposter syndrome

He admits that he still grapples with it despite his remarkable achievements:

“All the time. I always walk into a room even now, and I’m supposed to be Sir Brian May, and I think, ‘Ooh, what do people think? Maybe I shouldn’t be here.’ Yeah, I get that a lot and until people start speaking to me I always assume that A) they don’t know who I am and B) they wouldn’t be interested anyway, and C) I’m gonna bore them to death. I get that a lot.”

May emphasized that the feeling of being underestimated or doubted doesn’t vanish entirely, even with age and accomplishments. He views this persistent humility as a positive force, preventing him from becoming overly arrogant and allowing him to stay grounded.

In the full conversation, May candidly shared his thoughts and experiences, shedding light on the challenges Queen faced and the enduring impact of negativity on the legendary Freddie Mercury.