Brian May Explains Why He Hated “Don’t Stop Me Now”

Brian May Explains Why He Hated “Don’t Stop Me Now” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Brian May for an interview - Lorraine / Youtube

Queen songs will go down in music history as one of the greatest, but there will always be people who’d have second thoughts about them. What’s surprising would be that even Queen’s guitarist Brian May could share a thing or two about their song, “Don’t Stop Me Now” and why he hated it.

May is a quiet and reserved person, but he’s also a tough critic who’s not a pushover when it comes to throwing out honest opinions. His group Queen was of no exception, and he once revealed why he hated the Freddie Mercury-composed, “Don’t Stop Me Now” from their 1979 album, Jazz.

In an interview with Guitar World back in 2021, May explained why he initially disliked the song. “I didn’t really take to it in the beginning,” he said. “I didn’t feel totally comfortable with what Freddie was singing at the time. I found it a little bit too flippant in view of the dangers of AIDS and stuff.”

The Queen’s guitarist didn’t like the song for health-related reasons, but given its popularity and seeing how the fans adored the gem, he gave in eventually.

“I had to give in. It’s a great song – there’s no way around it,” May added. “I think that’s what Freddie had an amazing knack of doing: he could put his button on things that make people feel a bit more alive.”

The massive popularity of “Don’t Stop Me Now” also bewildered May, seeing how lots of people use it for any occasion – weddings, birthday parties, or even funerals. Yet with this, it gave him utter joy, knowing that the song also provides a sense of happiness to those who listen to it.