Brian Johnson Teases Upcoming AC/DC Studio Album

Brian Johnson Teases Upcoming AC/DC Studio Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Brian Johnson on The Big Interview with Dan Rather - AXS TV / Youtube

Rock and roll fans, get ready to feel the thunder! The legendary AC/DC might just be gearing up for something huge after their last album ‘Power Up’ hit the scene in 2020. Brian Johnson, the iconic voice of the band, has dropped some juicy hints during a chat on the Fuelling Around podcast, leaving us all wondering if new AC/DC magic is on the way.

Johnson’s Big Reveal

Picture this: Brian Johnson casually dropping hints about fresh AC/DC tunes. Yes, you heard that right! In a recent talk on the Fuelling Around podcast, Johnson gave us a sneak peek into the band’s future plans. While fans have been eagerly waiting for the next AC/DC chapter after ‘Power Up,’ Johnson’s words have set our hopes soaring.

Johnson shared, giving us a reality check about the complexities of coordinating this powerhouse band. With most of the crew engaged in other projects, reuniting isn’t a walk in the park. But here’s the exciting part: the band’s shared excitement might just spark something magical.

“It does take a lot of time to get a band like AC/DC together again. Most of the crew were out working with other people. Trying to get those guys back together again was tough, but I’ve got my fingers crossed – everything is going ok. The most important thing about it all is the eagerness we all feel; the juices are running again.”

Getting Ready for the Stage: AC/DC’s Epic Return

Hold on tight, because AC/DC is making a grand comeback! The band is set to rock the stage at the Power Trip Festival, marking their first live performance since 2016. And guess what? This reunion might not just be about live gigs. Brian Johnson has hinted that the band’s reunion could also result in brand-new music.

“It’s going to be a fantastic event. I’ll have the opportunity to reconnect with my old pals, particularly with Ozzy coming out of retirement. The Guns N’ Roses boys, the Metallica boys, and the Iron Maiden boys – all in one place, it’s going to be one hell of a party! The festival will be held in a breathtaking valley near Coachella, although I prefer to stay out of that kind of thing. I just want to show up, give it my all, and rock the stage until I can’t anymore.”

Johnson is pumped about sharing the stage with these legends. “It’s going to be one hell of a party!” he exclaimed. The festival’s setting, nestled in a breathtaking valley near Coachella, adds to the excitement.