Billy Joel Transforms Younger In New “Turn the Lights Back On” Official Video

Billy Joel Transforms Younger In New “Turn the Lights Back On” Official Video | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Billy Joel fans have a reason to rejoice as the legendary musician has released a captivating new music video for his latest song, “Turn the Lights Back On.” The official video, which premiered on Billy Joel’s YouTube channel, showcases the Piano Man himself using cutting-edge A.I. technology to portray different stages of his life.

A Mesmerizing Journey Through Time with Billy Joel

In this groundbreaking video, viewers are treated to a mesmerizing journey through time as they witness Billy Joel’s performance of the heartfelt ballad “Turn the Lights Back On” at a piano in an empty theater. The video opens with the 74-year-old Joel seated at the piano, his fingers delicately caressing the keys as he begins to play the stirring intro to the song. The camera captures the emotion etched on Joel’s face, setting a poignant tone for the unfolding narrative.

Throughout the captivating video, viewers are entranced as the innovative technology seamlessly transforms Joel’s appearance, gracefully portraying him as his younger self from the vibrant 1980s and the laid-back 1990s. The transitions between these distinct eras are nothing short of mesmerizing, offering viewers a compelling glimpse into the evolution of the iconic musician over the decades.

Merging Timeless Music with Cutting-Edge Technology

Crafted under the direction of Warren Fu and Freddy Wexler, the video emerges as a visual masterpiece that seamlessly melds Joel’s timeless music with cutting-edge technology. Leveraging the expertise of Deep Voodoo, the A.I. entertainment company established by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the video showcases innovative effects that push the boundaries of creativity.


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With meticulous attention to detail, Fu and Wexler bring Joel’s emotive performance to life, capturing the essence of his musical journey with striking visuals and captivating imagery. Through their collaborative vision, they invite viewers on a mesmerizing exploration of Joel’s artistry, weaving together the past and present in a seamless tapestry of sound and sight.

A Nostalgic Tribute to a Music Icon

In addition to the captivating visuals, the “Turn the Lights Back On” video also features a montage of home movies, archival clips, and live performances from Joel’s illustrious career. It’s a nostalgic tribute to the enduring legacy of one of music’s greatest icons.

Released on February 1, “Turn the Lights Back On” has already made waves on the charts, marking Joel’s first single to land on the Billboard Hot 100 since 1997. The song is available for digital download, as a vinyl single, and for streaming.

As for Joel’s upcoming plans, fans can catch him live in concert, with a co-headlining date alongside Sting scheduled for February 24 in Tampa, Florida. The 2024 tour itinerary also includes joint concerts with Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart, along with several solo performances, including a residency at Madison Square Garden.

With tickets available for purchase now, fans have the opportunity to experience the magic of Billy Joel’s music firsthand. Whether enjoying his timeless hits or embracing his latest releases, Joel continues to captivate audiences around the world with his unparalleled talent and enduring legacy.

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