An Incredible Throwback To Heart’s “Barracuda’ – Watch

An Incredible Throwback To Heart’s “Barracuda’ – Watch | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via OLD TAPES / Youtube

Right from the start when you hear its astonishing rhythm on the radio, you’ll know for sure that someone’s about to enjoy Heart’s “Barracuda.” Written by the Wilson sisters Ann and Nancy, its origin story came from a rather insensitive comment made by a journalist about an ad from their Mushroom Records label.

The journalist commented about how the promotion material made the sisters looked like lesbians having an affair. Such comment angered Ann so well that she went to her room and wrote a song about it. Nancy, also offended by that degrading remark, helped her sister wrote angry music to suit well with the words. Thus, “Barracuda” was born out of resentment from the misogynistic industry.

The song made it to the top and boosted Heart’s career further. It is also being used on various film and television series, especially during the heated parts where there’s a climactic event about to happen. The song is meant to empower all people who have their own “barracudas” in their lives they can’t get rid of; much like what the Wilson sisters have in an industry filled with derogatory people.

Below, we’ll take you on a nostalgic moment with this Heart’s classic “Barracuda” from their album Little Queen (1977). Enjoy!