All The Rockstars That Made Their Own Hot Sauce Brands

All The Rockstars That Made Their Own Hot Sauce Brands | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Classic rockers, driven by a necessity for a flavorful solution during mundane tours or a desire for a vegan-friendly alternative, have elevated their passion for hot sauce by establishing their own brands.

In a 2004 interview with, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry revealed, “Traveling on the road, you run into a lot of bland food, so I go to carrying around my own hot sauce.”

When Perry struggled to find a satisfying brand, he took matters into his own hands and launched Bone Yard Brew sauce. And he wasn’t the only one who launched his hot sauce brand.

From Alice Cooper to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, these classic rockers are not only meeting their culinary needs on tour but also leveraging their names and song titles to endorse hot sauce brands that are worthy of hitting the road.

Alice Cooper’s Hot Sauce Collection

Alice Cooper entered the hot sauce scene in 2020, introducing a collection inspired by his iconic songs. This flavorful trio, comprising of “Welcome To My Nightmare”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, and “Poison”, captures the essence of Cooper’s music in a spicy gastronomic experience.

Shedding light on his unconventional culinary philosophy, Cooper expressed, “In general, I don’t believe food should be painful, but in the case of my hot sauces, it is pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure! Just repeat until satisfied.”

The Poison flavor, in particular, takes the heat to another level by incorporating reaper chili peppers, adding an extra kick that aligns with the intensity of Cooper’s performances. 

Michael Anthony’s Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce

Michael Anthony, renowned for his tenure as the bass player for Van Halen, developed a profound passion for hot sauce that blossomed during his extensive years as a touring musician.

Reflecting on this culinary love affair, Anthony shared insights during a 2014 interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, stating, “Our crew and Van Halen (fans) found out when we were on tour how much I love hot sauce and they started bringing me homemade stuff and homemade chili peppers.”

In the years that followed, Anthony not only embraced the homemade gifts from fans but also transformed his affection for hot sauce into a business venture. Today, his brand, aptly named Mad Anthony’s, has evolved beyond the realms of just hot sauce. Anthony has expanded his offerings to include a diverse array of flavors, featuring mustard and BBQ sauce.

Motley Crue’s The Most Notorious Hot Sauce Collection

Heavy metal rockers Motley Crue has ingeniously ventured into the world of hot sauce marketing with a distinctive collection that mirrors the individuality of each band member. This unconventional approach involves a box set featuring a lineup of sauces, with every member, including the often enigmatic Mick Mars, being uniquely represented by a distinct flavor.

Within this exclusive box set, fans can indulge in the fiery taste of Nikki Sixx’s Southwest Habanero, a flavor that undoubtedly reflects the bold and dynamic personality of the bassist. Mick Mars brings a distinctive touch to the collection with his Bread N’ Butter Jalapeno, providing a taste that harmonizes with the guitarist’s eclectic style.

Meanwhile, Vince Neil’s Pineapple Jalapeno adds a sweet and spicy note, capturing the essence of the lead vocalist’s vibrant persona. Not to be outdone, Tommy Lee contributes his own creation to the ensemble – the Tongue-Scorching Trinidad Scorpion, promising an intense and unforgettable culinary experience.

Billy Gibbons’ Whisker Bomb Classic Pepper Sauce

ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons has collaborated with country rocker Tim Montana to introduce an extensive range of sauces and salsa under the distinct brand name, Whisker Bomb. The flagship product of this culinary endeavor is the Whisker Bomb Classic Pepper Sauce, a concoction crafted to captivate and delight taste buds with an exhilarating fusion of flavors. 

Described on their website as a culinary delight, this classic pepper sauce promises a harmonious blend of sweetness and heat that is bound to leave a lasting impression on discerning palates. The carefully curated ingredients of the Whisker Bomb Classic Pepper Sauce include cayenne peppers, onion, molasses, and a proprietary blend of spices. 

Beyond being a testament to Gibbons and Montana’s musical prowess, the Whisker Bomb Classic Pepper Sauce stands as a flavorful embodiment of their creative collaboration in the culinary realm. With its promise of a perfect balance between sweetness and heat, this sauce invites enthusiasts to embark on a gustatory adventure, exploring the depths of its unique and carefully crafted flavor profile.

Joe Perry’s Bone Yard Brew

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, a seasoned participant in the realm of hot sauces since 2004, initially entered the scene with the introduction of his signature Bone Yard Brew sauce. Reflecting on the origins of his venture into the spicy condiment domain, Perry shared with that the inspiration for his sauce was born out of the need to counteract the often lackluster and flavorless nature of the food encountered during his extensive tours.

As a testament to his evolving culinary creativity, Perry didn’t stop at the creation of Bone Yard Brew; he expanded his offerings to include a barbecue sauce that further showcased his commitment to infusing bold and distinctive flavors into the culinary landscape. This expansion marked a deliberate move to cater to a wider audience seeking to enhance their dining experiences with the unmistakable touch of Perry’s unique flavor profile.

Bone Yard Brew, Perry’s original creation, stands out as an ideal choice for those who relish the robust combination of chipotle peppers and adobo sauce. This blend, carefully curated by the legendary guitarist, encapsulates his culinary preferences and adds a flavorful dimension to the dining adventures of hot sauce enthusiasts. 

Zakk Wylde’s Original Berserker Hot Sauce

In 2008, announced a collaboration between Zakk Wylde and Blair’s Hot Sauces, resulting in the release of a quartet of aptly named hot sauces: Shot To Hell, Stronger Than Death, Sonic Brew, and the simply titled Original.

Each sauce, a testament to Wylde’s fiery musical persona, brought a distinctive flavor profile to the table. While the bottles are no longer available for purchase directly through the Black Label Society website, enthusiasts can still secure these coveted hot sauces through online platforms like

The appropriately titled sauces not only pay homage to Wylde’s iconic discography but also promise a tantalizing experience for spice enthusiasts. The discontinued availability on the official Black Label Society website adds an element of exclusivity to these sauces, making them a sought-after commodity for fans and hot sauce connoisseurs alike.

Bumblefoot’s Bumblicious

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thai, known for his brief tenure with Guns N’ Roses during the release of Chinese Democracy in 2008, has seamlessly transitioned into the world of gourmet sauces, earning acclaim as a successful purveyor of bold flavors.

Among his notable creations are “The Sauce”, “Bumblef**ked”, and the delectably named “Bumblicious”. The latter stands out as a BBQ-style hot sauce that intricately weaves together the enticing notes of cherry, bourbon, and chipotle flavors, promising a symphony of tastes that cater to discerning palates.

Despite his relatively short stint with Guns N’ Roses, Bumblefoot has found a lasting legacy in the culinary realm with his signature sauces. For those seeking an elevated gastronomic experience, Bumblicious offers a unique blend that captures the essence of barbecue allure with a sophisticated twist. 

Johnny Winter’s Screamin’ Demon Hot Sauce

In a 2014 interview with U.S. Rocker, it was revealed that Johnny Winter’s Screamin’ Demon Hot Sauce boasts a “road-tested” formula incorporating crushed red bell and Thai peppers. 

Although additional ingredients contribute to its unique flavor profile, the specifics remain shrouded in secrecy, adding an air of mystique to the concoction.

Currently, enthusiasts can procure bottles of this exclusive hot sauce through Shark Attack Sauces on Etsy, with the seller emphasizing that the recipe has been a closely guarded family secret, only shared by Johnny Winter with his bandmates while on tour.

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Habanero Hot Sauce

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Habanero Hot Sauce is a masterful blend of habanero peppers, carrots, onion, garlic, and lime juice. This combination promises a tantalizing symphony of flavors, showcasing a perfect balance between fiery habanero heat and the refreshing zest of lime, with the earthiness of carrots, onion, and garlic adding depth to the overall profile.

The Caroline Sauce Company offers an intriguing insight into this condiment, describing it as a creation crafted from simple, all-natural ingredients. Their colorful analysis emphasizes the authenticity of the habanero heat, steering clear of distracting additives like extravagant spices, overly sweet elements, or unnecessary fruitiness. 

Not just content with being a fiery companion, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s hot sauce, according to the above-said company, is a versatile addition to various culinary creations. In essence, this habanero hot sauce becomes more than a condiment – it’s a flavorful embodiment of the Southern rock legacy, adding a spicy kick to both the music and the culinary experiences of fans.

Doyle von Frankenstein’s Made In Hell Hat Sawce

Doyle von Frankenstein, the guitarist of the iconic punk band Misfits, embraces a strict vegan lifestyle and has extended his passion for plant-based living into the culinary world with his own line of vegan hot sauce, playfully labeled as “hat sawce”.

Available for purchase on von Frankenstein’s web store, fans have the option to acquire either signed or unsigned bottles of this uniquely crafted sauce.

The concoction, aptly named “Made In Hell Hat Sawce,” boasts a flavorful blend of peppers, basil, oregano, and vinegar, promising a savory experience that aligns with the guitarist’s commitment to veganism. This hot sauce not only caters to those adhering to a plant-based diet but also beckons all enthusiasts of bold flavors.

Chris Caffery’s Tears Of The Sun Hot Sauce

As reported by, Chris Caffery, the accomplished guitarist of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, collaborated with High River Sauces to bring forth Tears Of The Sun Hot Sauce. This unique creation takes a bold approach by incorporating the essence of tropical fruits into its flavor profile.

Described on High River Sauces’ website, the sauce is portrayed as a sensory experience where sweetness initially greets the taste buds, akin to the warmth of a sunlit summer day. As the flavor journey unfolds, the heat subtly settles, creating a distinctive and harmonious balance.

This collaborative effort between Chris Caffery and High River Sauces not only reflects the guitarist’s musical ingenuity but also showcases his flair for creating a unique culinary experience. Tears Of The Sun Hot Sauce, with its tropical twist and nuanced heat, invites enthusiasts to explore its myriad uses and savor the fusion of flavors crafted by a talented musician and a renowned hot sauce producer.