All The Legendary Rockstar Statues And Where To Find Them

All The Legendary Rockstar Statues And Where To Find Them | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The making of Freddie Mercury's statue in Montreux - MercuryMixes / Youtube

When you’ve made a great deal of contributions and influence in a field, the loving masses reward you with attention, royalties, and other forms of gratitude. But have you “made” it to warrant a statue of you presented as recognition of your work? Our beloved rockstars have been the recipient of many a statue in their image, for their valued and importance to the music industry as a whole. If you ever happen to wander on some of these sites, read on to find your favorite rocker’s statue, and even pose for a pic or two!

Chuck Berry

The Father Of Rock n’ Roll’s statue is located in University City, Missouri.

Rory Gallagher

The Irish blues rock legend Rory Gallagher has a statue of him made, courtesy of David Annand, and was made available to the public on 2010. It can be found in his hometown of Ballyshannon, where he was born in the aptly named Rock Hospital.

The Beatles

The Fab Four’s 1963 photo shoot was recreated in this statue array, which is a hefty 1.2 ton sculpture on the Pier Head in Liverpool. It was unveiled as a 50th anniversary commemoration of their last show at the Empire Theatre.

Buddy Holly

The Day that Music Died was one of the biggest blows dealt on rock music in its earliest years. Icon Buddy Holly is honored in this 8.5 foot bronze replica of him and his Strat, in his hometown, Lubbock, Texas. The statue was created in 1980, surrounded by a local version of the Walk of Fame, honoring local legends as well.

Freddie Mercury

The Queen frontman was rightfully honored by Irena Sedlecka when she sculpted a statue of him in his iconic raised-fist pose, in Montreux, where Mercury bought a studio that he recorded the vocals of “Made In Heaven” on.