Alice Cooper Streams New Lyric Video For “Detroit City 2020”

Alice Cooper Streams New Lyric Video For “Detroit City 2020” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Alice Cooper in an interview with Pastor Greg Laurie - YouTube

Shock rock king Alice Cooper has streamed the lyric video for the song “Detroit City 2020”, which will be included in the new EP, Breadcrumbs. While it served as a teaser for his new album, “Detroit City 2020″ is a reboot of 2003’s “Detroit City” from the album The Eyes of Alice Cooper.

Released  in September 13, Breadcrumbs is a tribute to Cooper’s hometown garage rock heroes of Detroit. Tracks like “Sister Anne” by MC5, Suzi Quatro’s “Your Mamma Won’t Like Me”and Mitch Ryder And the Detroit Wheels’ “Devil With A Blue Dress”.

Joining Cooper on the catalog are Michigan musicians like MC5’s Wayne Kramer, Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner, Detroit Wheels’ Johnny “Bee” Badanjek, and many more. Cooper says, “We all knew each other back in the day, but now where we are 40 years later and it seems really naturel. We go in the studio with these guys and it just clicks. I think it’s because we’re all Detroit guys, and we kinda know what we’re looking for.” 

Cooper says their targeted sound was “undefinable. There’s a certain amount of R&B in it. There’s a certain amount of Motown in it. But then you add the guitars and you add the attitude and it turns into Detroit rock. I feel like if we mine around with all Detroit players, we’re gonna find that sound.”