Alex Van Halen Shares Tribute To Eddie Van Halen

Alex Van Halen Shares Tribute To Eddie Van Halen | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via 3rdDayRocker / YouTube

Alex Van Halen’s recent birthday tweet garnered a lot of attention since it made many people think about Alex’s late brother, Eddie Van Halen. The drummer sent a video and heartfelt message to Instagram in memory of the late star.

An old black-and-white film of the Van Halen drummer performing with his brother’s guitar in the backdrop was posted online as a tribute to Eddie Van Halen. The musician said in the caption that he missed the guitarist more than normal because of Eddie’s sound and that the guitarist’s memory will always be with him.

The short but sweet caption reads: “Your sound is always with me. Missing you a bit extra today. Van Halen forever.”

Alex has chosen to keep a low profile after Eddie’s death in 2020, sharing very little of her personal life online. Friend and bandmate Michael Anthony said that he was still grieving the loss of his younger brother years after it had occurred. Fans were taken aback by his latest Instagram post, but they immediately deduced that the drummer had posted in memory of Eddie. Apart from naming the group after their surname, Alex and Eddie were the only two original members of Van Halen still performing with the band since its inception in 1972. The drummer spent his whole career backing up his brother, which implies why he now prefers to avoid the spotlight and keep a low profile.

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