After 50 Years: Maggie May Unplugged Still Gives Us The Chills

After 50 Years: Maggie May Unplugged Still Gives Us The Chills | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Rod Stewart / Youtube

One of the biggest stars of the 20th century, Sir Rod Stewart, has brought us new and exciting takes on old favorites throughout the years. Although his career is moving ahead at a breakneck pace, he has never stopped producing music that will remain profoundly etched in all of our hearts. And the song he wrote called “Maggie May” is one of those sweet songs we forever remember him.

Stewart performed all of his most famous tracks, such as “Have I Told You Lately,” “Reason to Believe,” and “Maggie May” during his first and only appearance on the legendary show MTV Unplugged. This performance also marked the reunion of Stewart with Faces bandmate Ronnie Wood, 20 years since they last performed together.

The experience that inspired Stewart to write this song is described in detail in his autobiography titled Rod: The Autobiography. “At 16, I went to the Beaulieu Jazz Festival in the New Forest,” Stewart wrote. “I’d snuck in with some mates via an overflow sewage pipe. And there on a secluded patch of grass, I lost my not-remotely-prized virginity to an older (and larger) woman who’d come on to me very strongly in the beer tent. How much older, I can’t tell you – but old enough to be highly disappointed by the brevity of the experience.”

The show illustrated many of Stewart’s strengths in performing on stage, not just with his typical rock songs, but his approach to ballads as well. It also demonstrated how relaxed he appears while being the center of attention, as well as how reassuring it is for him to sing his heart out in front of an audience, with his signature raspy voice that you can’t help but gush over. The event spurred a live album release for the singer entitled, Unplugged… and Seated.

You can watch the lovely performance below.