Actor Riley Keough Offered To Open For Stevie Nicks

Actor Riley Keough Offered To Open For Stevie Nicks | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Riley Keough, fresh off her captivating performance in the Fleetwood Mac-inspired series Daisy Jones & The Six, has a dream gig in mind. In a recent interview with US Magazine, the question arose: with whom would Keough most love to share the stage? Her answer was immediate and likely music to the ears of Daisy Jones fans.

“We could open for Stevie Nicks,” Keough excitedly declared. “That would be incredible. Maybe I should actually ask her!”

The prospect of Keough’s fictional band, inspired by Stevie Nicks’ own era, sharing the stage with the rock legend herself ignites the imagination. Imagine the energy, the harmonies, the sheer star power radiating from such a collaboration. 

Whether Stevie Nicks will accept Keough’s bold offer remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: the mere possibility of these two musical forces uniting on stage has sent a thrilling tremor through the music world.

Her granddad is none other than Elvis

Riley Keough isn’t a stranger to the music world; her grandfather was none other than the King of rock and roll himself, Elvis Presley. The actress also made her film debut as a singer Marie Currie in the 2010 musical biopic The Runaways.

Keough received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress in 2016 for her breakout performance as an escort in the first season of the anthology series The Girlfriend Experience. After that, she starred in the horror movies It Comes at Night (2017), The House That Jack Built (2018), and The Lodge (2019).

Keough landed the titular lead role in the drama Daisy Jones & the Six, alongside British actor Sam Claflin. The Amazon Prime Video miniseries received generally positive reviews from critics, and it also earned multiple nominations at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards,

On January 12, 2023, Keough’s mother, Lisa Marie Presley, passed away at the age of 54 due to difficulties following bariatric surgery and cardiac arrest. Her husband Ben Smith-Petersen spoke at her memorial ceremony, reading a speech that Keough had prepared for her mother.

Sam Claflin has earned Stevie’s approval

Keough’s co-star Sam Claflin also earned the love from Stevie, a validation worth more than any golden trophy. The legendary Fleetwood Mac songstress had reached out to him directly.

Claflin, nominated for his captivating performance, confessed that Nicks’ personal praise eclipsed the thrill of the nomination. With genuine awe, he declared, “Stevie Nicks reached out personally, which to me, is [like] I’ve won already.”

“I don’t care about winning tonight,” Claflin continued. “I feel like that recognition to me means the world. She sent me a bunch of flowers. I arrived in L.A. with this note. That to me is everything. So I feel very smug right now, very, very blessed.”

So, while the awards may come and go, the memory of a rock legend’s personal appreciation will forever shine brighter for Sam Claflin, a recognition that transcended the glitz and glamour of the ceremony.

Stevie watched Daisy Jones & the Six twice and loved it

Diving into the world of Daisy Jones & the Six proved to be a journey down memory lane for Stevie, a journey so vivid it felt like revisiting her own past. In a heartfelt Instagram post from last August, the Fleetwood Mac vocalist shared her thoughts on the show, revealing how it unexpectedly mirrored her own experiences.

“Just finished watching Daisy Jones + the 6 for the 2nd time,” Nicks wrote, accompanied by a photo of the fictional band. “In the beginning, it wasn’t really my story, but Riley seamlessly, soon became my story.” 

The show’s emotional resonance for Nicks goes beyond mere resemblance. Watching the on-screen drama unfold stirred a whirlwind of memories, transporting her back to a time of creative fire and personal turmoil. “It brought back memories that made me feel like a ghost watching my own story,” she confessed. “It was very emotional for me.”

While the show’s inspiration undoubtedly resonated with Nicks, her post also expressed a bittersweet longing. “I just wish Christine could have seen it,” she wrote, referring to her late bandmate and close friend Christine McVie.  “She would have loved it.”


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