Ace Frehley’s Music Work After KISS is Mediocre – Here’s Why

Ace Frehley’s Music Work After KISS is Mediocre – Here’s Why | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In a recent interview with Thomas S. Orwat, Jr. for the Rock Interview Series, Steve Brown shared his thoughts on Ace Frehley’s musical journey after leaving the iconic band KISS. Brown, known for his contributions to Trixter, collaborated closely with Frehley on his latest album, ‘10,000 Volts,’ which was released in February 2023. Brown discussed the highs and lows of Frehley’s post-KISS career, expressing both admiration and critique.

Collaborative Standards in Music Production

Reflecting on the creative process of working with Frehley, Brown revealed,

“Every idea I brought in was as a KISS fan and as an Ace fan. I’ve listened to everything Ace has done since he left KISS. There are moments of brilliance, one or two, maybe three great things on some of these records, surrounded by a ton of mediocrity.”

Brown acknowledged that while there were standout elements in Frehley’s post-KISS work, there was also a fair share of average material.

Setting high standards for excellence, Brown emphasized the importance of creating a record where every song shines. He shared a conversation he had with Frehley, saying,

“I told him, ‘Listen, brother, I can’t do anything if the whole record is not awesome. We’re doing 11 songs. They’re all gonna be great. Even the cover song and even the instrumental.’ And he was all about it.”

This commitment to ensuring high-quality music demonstrates the dedication both Brown and Frehley had towards crafting a memorable album.


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Elevating Excellence

During their collaboration, Brown aimed to elevate Frehley’s music. In an interview with Guitar World in January 2024, Brown stated,

“We knew we were doing something that would take what Ace had done and kick it up a few notches… The solos are killer – but Ace said early on, ‘These songs need to be around three minutes.’ He was right because it left us with a punchy record.”

Their shared vision of creating impactful tracks led to a synergy that sought to enhance Frehley’s signature sound.

Looking ahead, Ace Frehley has lined up several live performances to engage with his fans. He recently headlined the Monsters of Rock Cruise, which embarked from Miami on March 2. Following the cruise, Frehley will perform at Sony Hall in New York City on March 28, followed by shows along the East Coast and in Illinois through late March, mid-April, and June. These performances give fans an opportunity to witness Frehley’s talent and passion for performing live.

While Ace Frehley’s post-KISS work has received both praise and criticism, collaborating with Steve Brown on his latest album has allowed for fresh perspectives and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Brown’s honesty about the mix of brilliance and mediocrity in Frehley’s solo endeavors shows a deep appreciation for the artist’s musical contributions. As Ace Frehley continues to evolve as a musician, fans eagerly await his next artistic ventures.

Watch the full interview below to gain more insights into the creative process behind Ace Frehley’s ‘10,000 Volts’ album.