Ace Frehley Talks About Possibility Forming A Band With Ex-KISS Members

Ace Frehley Talks About Possibility Forming A Band With Ex-KISS Members | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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In an exclusive interview with Ultimate Guitar, legendary guitarist Ace Frehley opened up about the prospect of forming a band with former KISS members, excluding Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

When questioned about the possibility of touring with fellow ex-KISS guitarists Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick

Frehley expressed reservations, stating,

“I don’t particularly see that happening in the future. I kind of like to run my own show and have my own band. Because think about it – how many solo albums do I have out? And I also do some KISS favorites when I perform. So, it would be really tough to work with other guitar players who also have songs that they’ve written. There wouldn’t be enough time – it would be a three-hour show.”

Reflecting on a recent meeting and performance at Creatures Fest 2022 with Vinnie and Bruce, Frehley shared that despite never crossing paths with Vinnie before, they got along well and enjoyed jamming together. He emphasized his amicable relationships with all the KISS members, including Eric Singer, while hinting at the contrasting dynamics between them and Simmons and Stanley, saying,

“I’d rather not even talk about those guys since they’re retired, and their career is winding down while mine is taking off. So, that’s kind of nice.”


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Addressing the topic of musical envy

Frehley took a jab at former bandmates during a SiriusXM interview in November, stating that Paul Stanley was musically envious of him. Referring to his upcoming album ‘10,000 Volts,’ set for release in February 2024, Frehley mentioned his extensive touring without KISS in recent years, highlighting the disparity in album releases.

He added,

“I know Gene’s [Simmons] gonna really like it and tell the press he does like it. I have no idea what Paul Stanley’s gonna say. He usually holds back on any deep praise for me because he’s jealous of me.”

As Frehley gears up for the release of ‘10,000 Volts’ in February 2024, he has several rescheduled U.S. concerts planned for early 2024 to promote his new record. The ongoing narrative of Ace Frehley’s career continues to unfold against the backdrop of his unique perspective on collaborations, relationships with former bandmates, and his optimistic outlook on the future.