Ace Frehley Opens Up About His UFO Close Encounters

Ace Frehley Opens Up About His UFO Close Encounters | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Ace Frehley, the former Kiss star, doesn’t just play rocking tunes – he also shares a strong belief in Extra-terrestrial life. A firm believer in UFOs, Ace talks about his experiences with the inexplicable.

Unexplained Phenomena and Government Transparency

“The evidence is overwhelming,” Ace remarks, clear about his encounters. UFO sightings and stories of abductions aren’t unknown, becoming more frequent over the years, making it difficult for the Government to maintain silence.

“The authorities don’t have a choice at this point,” Frehley confidently puts across his perspective on the government’s increasing openness to speaking about UFO encounters.

Ace isn’t just a believer; he has his own encounters to share too. There have been odd occurrences in his life that he can’t quite explain. His tale spins around an incident where he found himself unconscious, half within his home and half outside – an unusual situation, he says, for even his most ‘wasted’ days.

He shares, “The dreams started happening a couple of weeks after I ended up unconscious between the open door in front of my house. I was halfway in and halfway out. Even when I’d get completely wasted, I’d make it inside the door and at least crash on the couch or something, it was unprecedented. Then I looked outside on the grass in my front yard and I saw a circular depression.”


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Fueled by UFO Encounters

Not just in dreams, Ace recounts his encounter with a UFO while on an airplane taking off from Las Vegas. A day that became a memory for being far from just an ordinary flight.

Ace’s belief in the extra-terrestrial inspired his track ‘Up in the Sky’ in his newly released album, 10,000 Volts. “They’re up in the sky / Girl, I know what I saw / You can’t trust the news /Can’t trust the law,” he insists on the song’s chorus – a clear dig at the authorities and misinformation.

Frehley isn’t just about singing his belief. He passionately takes his new album on tour this summer. Provisions to get the most recent concert information are available on his official website.

While his music takes him to various gig stages, Ace’s unique flight plan includes his encounters with the UFO, adding a special touch to his music and career.