AC/DC Goes Out With New Lineup and Fans Are Disappointed

AC/DC Goes Out With New Lineup and Fans Are Disappointed | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Brian Johnson's video message for Bonfest 2020 - weloveacdc / Youtube

The legendary rock ‘n’ roll group AC/DC just unveiled their new lineup, and the response hasn’t exactly been overwhelming. The group hinted to their impending Power Up Tour preparations on Instagram when they shared a picture from the studio. “In the studio, gearing up for the Power Up Tour, kicking off in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, in just one week!” said the text that accompanied the photograph with enthusiasm.

Fan Discontent and Lineup Changes

Despite the band’s attempt to generate excitement, the response from fans was less than favorable. Many loyal followers expressed their dissatisfaction in the comment section of the post. One fan lamented, “No Cliff, no Phil, no Mal… What kind of AC/DC is that?” This sentiment was echoed by another who stated, “Not AC/DC. Anymore just a cabaret act now. Such a shame.” The collective mood was summed up by another comment, “It just looks like a completely different band.”

The lineup changes came after several foundational members were replaced or stepped down. The band announced that Chris Chaney, formerly of Jane’s Addiction, would be taking over from Cliff Williams on bass. This revelation was part of a larger announcement regarding their much-anticipated Power Up European Tour. The official statement shared on social media read, “We are thrilled to finally announce the ‘POWER UP’ European Tour. Angus, Brian, Stevie, and Matt will be joined by Chris Chaney to carry the torch for Cliff. The tour will see us play shows across Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, England, Slovakia, Belgium, France & Ireland this summer. We can’t wait to see you all out there.”


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The Dynamics of AC/DC’s Comeback and Tour Hype

Cliff Williams had retired following the Rock Or Bust tour in 2015-2016, which was also when Brian Johnson stepped down due to hearing issues. However, both Johnson and Williams were part of AC/DC’s lineup for the 2020 album ‘Power Up’ and appeared at the band’s first concert in over seven years in October of that year.

The tour’s anticipation was palpable as earlier announcements had fans speculating about possible replacements for Williams, including rumors around Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan joining the band. These rumors were later dispelled by McKagan himself. Despite the controversy over the lineup changes, the tour itself has seen significant interest, with Chris Dalston, CAA’s co-head of international touring, revealing to Pollstar in March that AC/DC sold 1.5 million tickets in a single day.

Tour Partners and Fan Sentiments

Supporting AC/DC on this tour will be The Pretty Reckless, a band that could draw additional fans but also serves as a reminder of the shifting dynamics within AC/DC’s own ranks.

The departure from what many fans consider the ‘real’ AC/DC was highlighted when the band teased their return on social media in February by showcasing their iconic lightning bolt symbol and playing their song ‘Are You Ready?’ This teaser was followed by the official tour announcement on February 12, setting the stage for mixed reactions as the tour dates drew near.