9 Incredible Facts That Prove Freddie Mercury Is Born To Be A Legend

9 Incredible Facts That Prove Freddie Mercury Is Born To Be A Legend | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Freddie Mercury, the charismatic frontman of Queen, needs no introduction. His phenomenal voice, dazzling stage presence, and flamboyant style are legendary. But Freddie was much more than just a showman.

Countless stories exist that showcase his genuine kindness and incredible work ethic. Beyond the well-known highlights of his career, there are hidden gems – fascinating anecdotes that reveal a truly unique and inspiring individual.

While Freddie’s public persona is iconic, there’s a treasure trove of lesser-known stories waiting to be discovered. These tales paint a picture of a man with a phenomenal sense of humor and an unwavering dedication to his craft. They add another layer to the legend, revealing the depth and richness of Freddie Mercury’s character.

He Was The Beloved “Bucky” Who Called His Classmates ‘Darling’

Freddie’s charisma wasn’t something he discovered in adulthood. According to his schoolmates, the future rock legend was already leaving a trail of inspiration and fond memories during his youth. Known as “Bucky” for his overbite, young Freddie began his musical journey at the tender age of 12 in Panchgani, India.

While classmates described him as an artistic introvert who blossomed around close friends, Freddie seemed socially ahead of his time. He possessed an exceptional musical talent, a “prodigy” who could flawlessly play any song he heard just once. Remarkably, his friends noted that his incredible voice remained unchanged throughout the years.

These same friends also recalled Freddie’s playful theatricality. During school plays, he’d often take on women’s roles, even incorporating a habit of calling his classmates “darling”, a touch that was considered slightly unconventional at the time.

His Closest Friends Honored His Legacy By Funding AIDS Research

While Freddie kept his AIDS diagnosis private until shortly before his passing, his inner circle knew about his illness. He expressed a strong desire to continue the fight against the disease in his memory.

True to his wishes, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Jim Beach, Freddie’s closest collaborators and bandmates, established The Mercury Phoenix Trust shortly after his death. The Trust’s mission is to fund AIDS charities around the world, a cause that undoubtedly resonated deeply with the famously generous frontman.

Their efforts have extended far beyond financial support. The Trust has also played a vital role in launching numerous medical research projects and vaccine studies. These initiatives perfectly embody the spirit of Freddie Mercury, a man who wasn’t just a rock legend, but a champion of progress and a fighter against injustice.

He Left His Estate To His “Soulmate” Mary Austin

Freddie’s love story with Mary Austin was a unique and enduring one. They met before fame touched him, and for seven years, they were partners in life, navigating struggles and triumphs together. Though their romantic relationship eventually shifted as Freddie explored his sexuality, their bond remained unbreakable. He considered Mary his soulmate and lifelong confidante.

This depth of connection was reflected in Freddie’s will. He left Mary the majority of his estate, including his London home. As Freddie himself once said, “Our love affair ended in tears, but a deep bond grew out of it. It’s unreachable. All my lovers ask why they can’t replace her, but it’s simply impossible.” This quote beautifully captures the irreplaceable nature of their connection, a love that transcended romantic labels.

He Was Very Close To His Mother

Born Farrokh Bulsara in Zanzibar, Freddie enjoyed a supportive and artistic childhood. His family, including his parents and sister, nurtured his musical talent and celebrated his unique voice. While his father, Bomi, passed away in 2003, his mother Jer cherished her son dearly until her passing in 2016.

Years before her death, Jer spoke fondly of his “dear boy” in an interview with The Telegraph. Their bond remained strong, filled with laughter and an unwavering connection. Jer expressed immense pride in Freddie’s enduring legacy, acknowledging, “of course, none of them [his fans] love him as much as his mother.”

Despite her faith offering some solace after Freddie’s passing, moments of grief surfaced. Jer recounted a time when she saw Freddie’s image on screen during the Olympic closing ceremony. “I cried out: ‘Oh my dear boy, where are you?’ I miss him so much,” she shared.  Even amidst the roar for other musical legends, Freddie’s brilliance and her love for him shone brightly.

He Once Downed a Vodka And Vowed To Sing Till He Bleeds

As Freddie’s health declined, his resilience remained a constant. He refused to let illness dim his creativity, work ethic, or zest for life. Brian May, Queen’s guitarist, described Freddie’s final days as having “a lot of joy, strangely enough.”

Despite the pain, within the recording studio walls, a sense of peace settled over him. Here, surrounded by music, he found solace and could “enjoy what he liked doing best.” These sessions, though limited by his fatigue, were bursts of pure dedication.

Just like his friend David Bowie, Freddie possessed a fierce artistic spirit. He wouldn’t let exhaustion or illness deter him. Brian recalled moments when Freddie, too weak to stand, would “prop himself up against a desk and down a vodka” declaring, “I’ll sing it till I f*cking bleed.” That unwavering commitment, that’s the true essence of rock and roll.

He Slept With A Piano As A Headboard

Freddie’s dedication to his craft went above and beyond. Obsessed with capturing fleeting musical ideas, he famously used a piano as his headboard! This ingenious solution ensured he could immediately record any melodies that struck him in the dead of night. His flexibility even allowed him to play these riffs backwards – a testament to his musical creativity.

Ironically, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, a song believed to have been born from these late-night sessions, was a number Freddie disliked performing live. Despite his self-proclaimed “mediocre” piano skills, there’s no denying the impact of this unconventional songwriting approach. After all, it gifted the world with a rock masterpiece.

He Rode Darth Vader’s Shoulders for The Empire Strikes Back

Despite the playful jab at Star Wars in Queen’s song “Bicycle Race”, Freddie wasn’t above showing his love for the sci-fi phenomenon. In a truly unforgettable promotional stunt, Mercury took to the stage in 1980, right around the release of The Empire Strikes Back.

During the encore of “We Will Rock You”, the energetic frontman wasn’t alone. Perched on the shoulders of a roadie dressed as Darth Vader, Mercury belted out the iconic anthem. Photographer Tom Callins captured this unexpected moment, perfectly encapsulating Freddie’s over-the-top theatricality.

“It was pandemonium,” Callins recalled years later. The image became a symbol of Freddie’s playful spirit and his ability to surprise and entertain audiences in unexpected ways.

He Was A Devoted Cat Dad Who Dedicated His Only Solo Album To His Furry Housemates 

Freddie wasn’t just a rock legend, he was also a devoted cat lover. Reports suggest he had a meow-gical household, with up to 10 feline companions at one time! His affection for his furry friends extended beyond cuddles and playtime. He even had his cats immortalized on a custom-made vest, a purrfectly unique fashion statement.

Mercury’s love for cats wasn’t just a personal affair; it infiltrated his music. His album, Mr. Bad Guy, was a heartfelt dedication to one of his cherished cats, a sentiment echoed in the album’s inscription: “To all the cat lovers across the universe”. This touching tribute solidified Freddie’s place not only as a rockstar, but also as a dedicated cat dad.

He Smuggled A Drag-Wearing Princess Diana Into An Infamous Gay Bar

Freddie’s legendary flamboyance extended beyond the stage. One lesser-known story exemplifies his zest for life and playful sense of humor. According to comedian Cleo Rocos, she, Freddie, Princess Diana, and a few friends were enjoying an evening together. After watching Golden Girls, a spontaneous urge for a night out struck. However, Princess Diana was hesitant, fearing the inevitable media frenzy.

Enter the ever-theatrical Freddie Mercury. With a mischievous grin, he devised a plan – a drag disguise! Transformed into a “rather eccentrically dressed gay male model,” Diana was practically unrecognizable. Clad in their secret identities, Freddie and Diana embarked on their covert adventure, giggling like mischievous children all night long at the infamous gay bar.