8 Rock Songs That Would Make Amazing Lullabies

8 Rock Songs That Would Make Amazing Lullabies | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Perfect Naptime Solution

Just in case the traditional lullabies don’t cut it, you can try another ROCKING approach. Who knows, you might be raising the next rockstar right under your roof!

1. John Lennon – “Beautiful Boy”

Can we all take a moment to appreciate how this song seems like the perfect way to send your little one off to dreamland? Everything about it is amazing. And do you know what we love most about this track? Take note of these lines: “Close your eyes / Have no fear / The monster’s gone / He’s on the run / And your daddy’s here.” Okay we admit, it hits you right in the feels too. But it’s pretty much what we like to tell the kids when they complain there are monsters under their bed, right? It’s a bit heartbreaking too and will likely move you to tears – not that we’d recommend crying while tucking in your baby. Lol. Besides, what better way to end the day than plugging in some soothing John Lennon tunes? Also, another great thing is – you’re raising someone with stellar taste in music.

2. The Clash – “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”

Okay, we know what you think – why on earth does this count as a lullaby? It’s more likely your child will stand up on bed and start headbanging to this. And before you even accuse us of jumping on the “Stranger Things” bandwagon, we already like this song before Eleven and the rest of her friends made the track more famous. Although we find it amazing how shows like this manage to include some pretty incredible soundtracks. Anyway, this lovely version of The Clash’s epic music by Rockabye Baby is something else. Whoever did it deserves a medal and a very big hug from all of us here. It’s so soothing and relaxing and it will definitely make you feel like you want to be a child again. At least, we do! We love how adorable it sounds – almost as if the classic tune was meant to sound like this all along.

3. Led Zeppelin – “All My Love”

Your child will most likely remember  this time as the moment he started loving Led Zeppelin songs. We’ve gotten so used to the loud and highly energetic tracks (of course with Jimmy Page’s face-melting guitar solos and Robert Plant’s spine-tingling howls and vocals) that this is refreshing on so many levels. And no, it’s not just for hitting the hay but when you feel like relaxing. It’s guaranteed to help you drift off to sleep, that’s assuming you didn’t put the volumes on max. Lol. You might want to sing along when the chorus comes on, it’s beautiful (although the lyrics may be a bit too mystical for the little one). The story behind it is a little tragic, by the way. This mid-tempo rock-style ballad was written as a tribute to Plant’s then-five year old son Karac who died while the group was on their 1977 North American tour.

4. Foo Fighters – “Everlong”

What is happening here? What sorcery is this? Dave Grohl and lullabies – do they even come together? That’s like beer and pacifiers, right? No, seriously. When did Grohl turn from someone passing a drink mid-concert to someone helping kids drift off to sleep? We knew he’s one of the nicest guys in rock but we had no idea that included the little ones. As much as we like Judy Garland’s signature track “Over the Rainbow,” we also don’t mind letting the tots listen to this Foo Fighters masterpiece at bedtime. Well to be fair, we’d go for any excuse just as long as we can play this song every day. There’s not a song in this world that can move you like this. Sure, it might remind you of your ex-lovers (or lack thereof lol), but the tune is enough to make you want to fall asleep. Who would have thought, right?

5. The Beatles – “Strawberry Fields Forever”

To be honest, there are so many songs in The Beatles catalog which you can use as lullabies. The ballads are all suitable for bedtime – just maybe don’t mind the lyrics and to be fair, the kids probably still don’t understand them at all. Anyway, this is a real masterpiece. George Harrison’s guitar work is stellar and magical – he’ll take you to dreamland in no time. Okay maybe we meant your kid but just in case, you can’t blame yourself if you start getting drowsy after listening to this. It has a hypnotic effect like that. Do you still remember the time you sang this every single day? Well now you can sing along with The Fab Four as you tuck in your little one. Because you know, somebody has to show them all the beautiful classic rock songs they should be listening to. And that’s your responsibility – not that you wouldn’t be glad to take it. Ha.

6. Aerosmith – “Dream On”

Being the coolest grandpa ever, we can actually imagine Steven Tyler singing a lullaby to his grandkids – no less than one of Aerosmith’s greatest classics “Dream On.” The raw vocals and soulful singing – ah, we can feel it tugging on our heartstrings and giving us unexpected feels. While you obviously don’t want your kid tearing up as this comes on, you can expect them to feel so relaxed they will fall asleep in a matter of minutes. And the title is just perfect, right? How can you not love this and use it as lullaby? It’s too beautiful for words. And we love how much different it sounds with the choir. It’s powerful but somehow mellowed down. Okay, does anyone have a baby experiencing some trouble sleeping? Because really now, we wouldn’t mind humming this tune for them. It’s as if Grandpa Steven is tucking them in which is probably the coolest thing ever.

7. Billy Joel – “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)”

If this doesn’t put them to sleep then nothing else will. This soft rock track is undoubtedly one of our favorites. If it doesn’t make you drowsy, it will likely make you cry. And don’t you just want to sing this beautiful song to your little ones? It actually makes you want to have kids if you still don’t have any. Think about it, when they grow and up and hear it, they’ll remember those moments you sang it to them before you tucked them in. Isn’t that lovely? And it makes bedtimes extra better too. Oh and as a classic rock fan, don’t you think it’s a great parenting win when you get to introduce some of the most legendary rock acts one lullaby at a time? It’s like a treat they will eventually look forward to every night before they go to sleep. Good music + bonding time = perfect bedtime ritual.

8. The Band – “All La Glory”

True, this is one unconventional lullaby and definitely not the first song to pop into your head when you think of tunes to use in putting kids to sleep. But who says you can’t rock out at bed time? Now this is yet another surprise on this list. It’s another ‘Who would have thought?’ moment for all of us here. Well we did tell you none of these are your traditional lullabies. But if anything, it only goes to show how versatile rock is – it doesn’t have to be loud and intense all the time. This epic masterpiece by The Band has that sedative effect on us. It makes us want to crawl back into bed and fall back asleep. It will likely have the same effect on your child. And well, this is perhaps the greatest lullaby ever written. Bedtime doesn’t have to be boring because we can rock even in dreamland.