8 Rock Bands That Hate Their Hits

8 Rock Bands That Hate Their Hits | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Guns N' Roses for Patience music video - Guns N' Roses / Youtube

It’s not uncommon for artists to have a love-hate relationship with their own songs. While some hits become timeless classics, others can become a burden, overshadowing an artist’s growth and artistic vision. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in the realm of rock music, where bands often find themselves resenting the songs that propelled them to fame. Let’s take a closer look at eight rock bands that openly express their disdain for their own hits.

“Cherry Pie” – Warrant

Warrant’s catchy anthem “Cherry Pie” became both a blessing and a curse for the ’80s glam metal band. Frontman Jani Lane described it as a love-hate relationship, admitting that the song rubbed some people the wrong way. Lane expressed his frustration, saying, “I could shoot myself in the fucking head for writing that song.”


“Pinball Wizard” – The Who

While “Pinball Wizard” became one of The Who’s greatest hits from their rock opera album “Tommy,” songwriter Pete Townshend initially disliked it. He considered it a clumsy piece of writing, embarrassed by its simplicity. Despite his own reservations, the song remains a fan favorite.


“Wonderwall” – Oasis

Oasis’s breakthrough hit, “Wonderwall,” holds a special place in the hearts of many, but not for lead singer Liam Gallagher. In the past, he openly expressed his disdain for the song, stating, “I can’t fucking stand that fucking song!” However, Gallagher has recently admitted that it has grown on him with time.


“Sweet Child O’ Mine” – Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses achieved massive success with their iconic rock ballad, “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” However, frontman Axl Rose criticized the radio edit of the song, feeling that important parts, such as Slash’s slow solo, were cut to make room for commercials. Despite this, Slash has come to appreciate the song, although it initially deviated from the band’s usual style.


“Brass in Pocket” – The Pretenders

The Pretenders’ hit single, “Brass in Pocket,” became a phenomenon that frontwoman Chrissie Hynde never anticipated. She initially despised the song and was embarrassed by its success. Hynde admitted, “I was honestly very disappointed it was such a big hit.”


“Creep” – Radiohead

Radiohead’s breakthrough hit, “Creep,” brought them fame but also frustration. Frontman Thom Yorke has referred to the song as “Crap” and found performing it repetitively during their early days stultifying. He even once told an audience to “fuck off” when they demanded the song at a concert.


“Stairway to Heaven” – Led Zeppelin

Considered one of the greatest rock songs of all time, “Stairway to Heaven” holds a special place in the hearts of Led Zeppelin fans. However, lead vocalist Robert Plant grew tired of performing it repeatedly, developing a dislike for the song. In contrast, guitarist Jimmy Page views it as a masterpiece that crystallizes the essence of the band.


“Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana

Nirvana’s explosive hit, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” propelled them to superstardom. However, frontman Kurt Cobain never sought such fame and resented the song’s overwhelming popularity. He felt that it overshadowed other equally deserving songs he had written and expressed his frustration, stating, “I literally want to throw my guitar down and walk away” when performing it.