78-Year-Old Blues Granny Shreds Guitar On Live TV, But Keep An Eye On Her Hands

78-Year-Old Blues Granny Shreds Guitar On Live TV, But Keep An Eye On Her Hands | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Little Big Shots / YouTube

Still Got The Blues After All These Years

It’s not often that we watch reality singing shows, but on the rare occasions we do indulge we’re rarely disappointed – and last night’s episode of Little Big Shots: Forever Young was no exception! A spotlight for young-at-heart seniors with incredible talents, Little Big Shots: Forever Young featured the talents of Ms. Beverly “Guitar” Watkins last night and y’all, we weren’t the only ones blown away by her talent!

The Atlanta, Georgia blues great came out sporting her black Squier Stratocaster and a sparkly outfit topped off by a sharp looking hat and proceeded to blow the doors off the venue, leaving host Steve Harvey torn as he tried to figure out whether to dance or stand there with his jaw on the floor.

Fun Fact: Beverly “Guitar” Watkins is fiercely respected in the blues world, having opened for stars including James Brown, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin. She’s even got four solo albums under her belt!

Ms. Beverly didn’t stop there, though: a triple threat of an entertainer who can sing, play, and work a crowd like nobody’s business, her world class shredding included some seriously stellar behind the head guitar action, earning a standing ovation when she wrapped up her performance with a level of showmanship that would make any rockstar proud. Y’all, Ms. Beverly is as real as it gets and watching her play is an absolute joy – check her out in the video below!