6 Beatles Songs That Are Hard To Sing

6 Beatles Songs That Are Hard To Sing | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The Beatles’ unbelievable skills to change styles from being mellow to a solid, good rock sound, that’s just the way they’re built for. Although they may not be remembered as loud and hard rockers, they do have some songs that can fall into that category. Let’s take a look at some of the Beatles songs that are quite difficult to sing. 

“Helter Skelter” – the White Album (1968)

This was, by far, the “dirtiest” and most “loudest” song from the band. McCartney was influenced by The Who’s Pete Townshend’s statement in a newspaper about creating the most “dirtiest song from The Who”. McCartney knew what he was doing with this one.

“Words Of Love”- Beatles For Sale (1964)

The song is originally written and performed by Buddy Holly back in 1957. With the Beatles’ version, Paul McCartney started the song in a normal manner, that immediately goes lower than expected. It’s doable for the men, but for the women, not likely. (Visit here)

“Twist and Shout” – Please Please Me (1963)

Another cover song from the Beatles, and it pays tribute to one of their favorite performers, the Isley Brothers. It was reported that John Lennon’s voice would almost always feel exhausted whenever he sang this in any concerts they did.

“Baby, You’re A Rich Man” – Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

The song seems remarkably higher among the rest of the songs from the album, due to John Lennon’s use of low falsetto that continued for a few seconds. it’s a B-side to “All You Need Is Love”, and a hippie anthem.

“Oh Darling” – Abbey Road (1969)

Paul McCartney’s rough and raspy screams could prove to you how hard this was to perform during sessions. It was also reported that McCartney practiced a whole lot of his voice for this one, to show as if he was already prepared for it.

“Long Tall Sally” – Long Tall Sally (1964)

With an impressive recording that took only a single take, “Long Tall Sally” was a favorite cover song to perform by the Beatles. Originally performed by Little Richard, the Beatles’ version was much faster than the usual, and it was also hard to sing. But given their familiarity with the song, it was easy for them.