5 Of The Most Interesting Facts About “Still Crazy After All These Years” By Paul Simon

5 Of The Most Interesting Facts About “Still Crazy After All These Years” By Paul Simon | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy After All These Years” is indeed one of the singer’s finest and recognizable songs to date. Although it barely gained the top 40 spot on the US charts, it is still one of Simon’s classic songs and a fan favorite as well. Curious about some of the stories behind this track? Below, we’ll give you the song’s 5 most interesting facts. Enjoy!


  • Back in 1975, Paul Simon won the Grammys as the Best Pop Vocal Performance for the song as well as the Album of the Year for his album of the same name. In his acceptance speech, he thanked Stevie Wonder for not making an album during that year, as Wonder was notorious for bagging the 2-year consecutive AOTY in the Grammy Awards.
  • When Simon hosted Saturday Night Live in 1976, he opened the act by singing the song and wearing a turkey costume. The humorous episode was created to end the rumors that the singer was a snob and too serious.
  • According to his biography Homeward Bound, Simon got the idea of the catchy title when he was in the shower, reflecting his life as a divorcee and a father in his 30s.
  • The phrase still crazy after all these years” was already an existing line, but Simon helped on popularizing it just like “bridge over troubled water.”
  • The song’s lyrics do not merely match its mood. Paul Simon admitted that the track is a “lot darker than what people think.” He also contemplated on whether or not people understood what the song’s message was.