5 Most Influential Songs From Bonnie Raitt

5 Most Influential Songs From Bonnie Raitt | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bonnie Chapman sings “Sweet Home Chicago” -Tracy Chapman Online /YouTube

Bonnie Raitt is a woman of good reputation from the blues and folk genre. Recognized by the rock and roll hall of fame, her large contributions to music helped her established the career that she deserves right from the start. And along with it are her songs that will remain as iconic as ever until the end of time.

“Don’t It Make Ya Wanna Dance” – Urban Cowboy (1980)

Only a recorded version originally sung by the country legend Jerry Jeff Walker back in the 70s, Raitt’s version became an instant trivial hit when it was used in John Travolta’s film Urban Cowboy. Her harmonious contemporaries exactly matched her powerful voice in country music.

“I Can’t Make You Love Me” – Luck of the Draw (1991)

Arguably the finest song from the singer, it is considered one of the best and heartbreaking ballads of all time. Raitt’s perfect display of powerful vocals deeply submerged in its sad lyrics, it’s the one thing you should listen to when you’re sad.

“The Thing Called Love” – Nick Of Time (1989)

Raitt displayed a new side of her when she recorded this catchy, in between the lines of R&B and power-pop song. Her vocal approach of the song is husky, yet it a good and groovy way.

“Too Long at the Fair” – Give It Up (1972)

Perhaps a fan favorite and an epitome of Raitt’s incredible swift to the country genre, “Too Long at the Fair” equally symbolizes her mastery of playing the south tunes all while singing it.

“Ain’t Gonna Let You Go” – Slipstream (2012)

The song came from her award-winning album, Slipstream. What makes this song great is how she delivered her unique twist from it, coming from her instrumentation down to her never-ending powerful vocals. She indeed deserves the award for this.