5 Iconic George Harrison Songs After The Beatles

5 Iconic George Harrison Songs After The Beatles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

George Harrison - Grunge /YouTube

As the world of music progressed, we witnessed George Harrison become one of the finest composers in the long run of his career. He molded an incredibly good foundation of his work on the Beatles, but it was when he became a solo artist that he shone the brightest among all of them. We take a look at some of the best George Harrison compositions post-Beatles.

“Blown Away” – George Harrison (1979)

Among others, “Blown Away” by the singer’s self-titled album showed brightness and genuine lyrics. Becoming a father and a husband at the same time, was a heavy and wondrous moment for the singer.

“When We Was Fab” – Cloud Nine (1987)

George showed a piece of his nostalgia with the fab four on this splendid track. “When We Was Fab” music video was both bizarre and remarkable, commemorating Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr.

“What is Life” – All Things Must Pass (1970)

There’s a lot of reflecting and discerning with George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass album, and “What is Life” is among all of it. It’s something to ponder on, but you have the pop tune to guide you with that.

“All Those Years Ago” – Somewhere in England” (1981)

John Lennon’s sudden death was too much to bear for the remaining Beatles, and all of them took the chance to pay acknowledgment to their leader. With Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, they created “All Those Years Ago”, a fitting tribute to Lennon and their Beatlemania days.

“My Sweet Lord” – All Things Must Pass (1970)

This was Harrison’s first single, and without argument, his best single ever to exist. It’s everything that George wanted: a worship song, a well-tended composition, and with him being in control of his finest work.