5 Dave Grohl Facts Most Fans Don’t Know About Him

5 Dave Grohl Facts Most Fans Don’t Know About Him | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Dave Grohl in an interview with Lars Ulrich - Beats 1 / Youtube

Being called “The Nicest Guy In Rock” is not an exaggerated term for Dave Grohl. Besides his superior work with two of music’s greatest bands: Nirvana and Foo Fighters, he also is a kind human being, a natural goofball, and a true gem in the industry. You may know Grohl only for his musical success and talents, and so this time, we present to you these 5 facts about him that fans may not know of until today. Check them out.


  • He doesn’t tolerate rudeness: As one of the nicest guys in the entertainment industry, it’s not a surprise that Grohl is also not an enabler of the rude. At a 2011 concert, when noticed a brawl in the crowd, Grohl stopped midway through a performance to put an end to all that. Great guy, indeed.
  • He’s a generally funny and thoughtful guy: Ask anyone from the music industry and they’ll tell you a thing or two about how nice Grohl is in person. He’s got a reputation for his incredible sense of humor, as well as tipping generously to waitstaff.
  • He has met with one of the Beaconsfield Miners: The Beaconsfield gold mine in Tasmania, Australia, had a catastrophic collapse in 2006. Fourteen miners managed to get out of the mine right away, but sadly, one died and two more became stuck. When Brant Webb and Todd Russell were trapped in a mine, they asked for an MP3 of Foo Fighters’ music to listen to as they waited for rescue. Grohl heard of this, and months later, he met and chatted with Webb. Foo Fighters’ “Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners” was a song dedicated to them.
  • He doesn’t like his nostrils: While we all love him greatly for who he is, Dave Grohl, just like the rest of us, has his fair share of insecurities. Grohl admitted his dislike to his nostrils which he thought were a little “too large” for him.
  • Foo Fighters was initially a one-man band: After Nirvana disbanded, Grohl went into an emotional turmoil trying to process a lot of things: the death of guitarist Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s end. Grohl decided to rediscover his love for recording and decided to do it in a studio. “I booked six days at a place down the street from my house in Seattle,” Grohl said in an interview. “And recorded what became the first record [Foo Fighters, 1995], without having much expectation.” Fast forward, Grohl recruited members to officially launch it as a true rock band.